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Tron Bonne!


love love LOVE Tron Bonne~! ^-^ Megaman Legends is my favorite of Megaman games. Maybe someday will be another game. Or maybe Sentinel will release Tron figure. Or maybe both *0* I dream ...

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Was anyone else completely perplexed by that metal thing on her crotch growing up?

SweetLittleCavities responds:

My parents thought it was a thong. >v<

Poor Miss Tron...discarded and buried by idiot Capcom Executives, never to see another game again...

We can only hope for 3

Aww that really cute.

One of the best videogame villainess... Charming, fun, and loveable!

Though I have never been the biggest Megaman fan, I have to admit that the Legends re-edition of the Megaman mythos is probably my favorite one. Featuring wonderful music, exciting worlds, and ultimately, a charming tone, Megaman Legends is a work that you can see was truly made with love by passionate people.

Speaking of charm, ML featured one of the few villains that I can I genuinely loved, and not as in "love to hate/hate to love" (like the Emperor from Star Wars or The Joker from Batman); and much less just simply hate (*cof* Eliza from Skullgirls *cof*): Tron Bonne. I'd even go as far to say that Tron is probably one, if not the only, villain you can't hate. She has a very sympathetic story, a personality that makes her entertaining to watch, and above all, one thing that most villains lack: love for her family and minions (in this case, the servbots). So you can imagine my reaction after seeing that SLC, one hell of an artist, made one illustration about Tron Bonne featuring it's signature style.

My favorite aspect of this drawing, besides Ms. Bonne and the servbots themselves, is it's stylized look. I love how you applied a white background to the picture, and how you incorporated it to the image itself. It looks simply awesome! Slick and clean: which makes the picture all the more attractive to see.

Tron herself looks beautiful. I particularly like how you made her your own using your style: she looks exactly as in the games, yet with the slight touches that make your characters a delight to see. Her smile, blush, and of course, her eyes stand out. She looks very expressive, and I can tell that you had a lot of fun drawing her!

The servbots. Probably the cutest videogame characters that exist (along with Kirby, Pikachu, Midna in her imp form, Tangy from AC and Sayori from DDLC); they look marvelous in here! I particularly like the different expressions you gave to each one of them; I also like how every Servbot is doing it's own thing: cleaning, singing and holding a picture. It surely warms my heart seeing so much cuteness!

Likewise, the designs of the Bonne's airships is majestic. And the fact that there is a little paper plane flying in the background makes the picture more fun!

Last but not least, the color scheme. In a few words, it's eye-popping and delightful. I love the play between lights and shadows, particularly in Tron's hair, legs and of course; the blue sky. I have never a blue sky so bright and colorful in an illustration until this one. Props on that SLC! I also like the warmer colors you chose for this one. I think the go hand-in-hand with the lighthearted tone of the first ML and Tron's very own game, too!

All in all, this is a great tribute to a videogame series that, sadly, was just too good for this world. Still, the adventures of Volnutt; Roll and Barrel Casket; and especially best girl Tron Bonne and her loyal servbots and family will always live in our hearts. And that's something no one can take from us. Congrats on this wonderful art SLC!

SweetLittleCavities responds:

Aaaah! I'm so glad you play Legends~! it is favorite Megaman game. Maybe someday Tron will return... Thankyou Carlos for so nice comment! Your comment are so much fun to read. ^^

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4.76 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2019
6:18 PM EDT
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