This started out as a personal project, but I ended up using it in a project I had to do for my intro to form and space class. Drawn in Photoshop CS4 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

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This picture is visually stunning!
(Quite a breath of fresh air after the first few submissions this week -.-)

I LOVE the imminence amount of detail that you have conveyed here, The Dragons wings... are made of fire; Sick concept dude :}. I love how all of your DEEP Red through BRIGHT Yellow tones smoothly transition from one to another. I Also really love how the setting sunlight reflects off of the rocks to the right; really beautiful

Overall; A completely STUNNING visual display of skill.


-Review Request Club-

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate the compliments and the review. I'm glad the... orangishness of the image wasn't too overbearing.


Great picture!

I think the thing I like best about this it how you kind of textured the dragons scales and the rocks around him. This does a great job of preventing the picture from seeming flat and generic.

The knight down there on its tail is a nice touch, but I can't really tell what he is doing down there. I think it looks kind of like he's pulling himself up the dragons tail.

Another detail that is pretty nice is how you made the wings thin enough to seee through, but you can still tell that they're there. They seem just a bit too thin, but they're not that big of a deal as is.

The one thing that I really noticed is how its back leg kind of seemed to be in such a weird position. I think it probably should've been a bit thinner and angled backwards.

Anyways, this is a really good piece of art that looks like it took alot of effort. Good job.

<Review Request Club>

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review! I did think the knight looked a little small, I guess I was trying to challenge myself by creating a picture in which the composition drew the viewer's attention to a small detail, in this case the 'little man in the tin can.' The back leg gave me trouble too, I just couldn't seem to figure out a way to get it looking quite right.

Tinned food?

Wow, what a great image. The way that the fire actually seems to make the dragon really gives the image a dominant feature, aside from the draconic form sitting there, regarding a particularly brave (stupid?) knight.

A little splash of cloud makes the background enthralling, especially as the foreground rock detail is very well formed, allowing the dragon to almost be framed by it all. Speaking of framing, the tail does a pretty nice job on the knight as well, though that may be a more David Attenborough observation, if such a thing were ever possible.

The texture is pleasing, with all of the scales in a "rough" layout, as opposed to smooth, where all of them would appear to lay down. In other drawings of dragons that I've seen, there appears to be bare bone or just stretched leather skin over the wing bones, as opposed to scales, but I'm glad to see that you've tried something different.

I wonder if the Knight will try something different...

[Review Request Club]

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks for the review! I'm really happy the background ended up being effective because that was the part I was least confident about when I started the drawing.

That's the third time this week I've had something likened to David Attenborough...


One of the best things in this picture is its wings. It almost looks like there is no wing, but it's a very thin piece of skin. The clouds even shine through it. Wonderfully done.
His scales are nice too. You must have spent a lot of time on them.
His back leg seems to be twisted in a bit of an wierd position though. I'm not too familiar with the anatomy of dragons, but it seems a bit off.

The surroundings seem natural though. The clouds are nice, and the lighting in the sky gives a nice atmosphere. I also like how you did the light to the right of the dragon.

Until I almost finished with reviewing this, I finally saw the knight. You did well hiding him (or her) , but I would prefer him being a bit more clear. You could make the armour reflecting some of the very bright sunlight. It would give a nice effect.

SuperBastard responds:

Thanks, I appreciate the review! I'm glad you liked the surrounding environment. That was the part I was most worried about since I tend to be really bad at doing backgrounds. Cheers!

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May 17, 2011
2:06 PM EDT
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