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Apr 27, 2012 | 5:16 PM EDT
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A woman above them all. her beauty wasn't of the earth's own effort, her skin flushed for me on her perfect contour. A smile that shone like heirloom silver. No blemish had dared to approach her, on body or within. How i wish i could have remembered our moments then and not what was only to follow! My dream, our embrace, ended. -By thorn- Her body reeled as if made of a million within a million electric pulses. My worry was briefly abated with anxious wonderment at what she, my shining pearl, could be producing, but then it raked over me in horrifying waves. Each pulse then erupted into budding spines, blooming vines all over her body, emanating from her centre as the abdomen revealed the seed responsible. It was horrible, a taut inflamed pink, it emerged in a tangle of sharp wiry unnourished curls that enveloped it as comfortably as steel wool. Its veins, cold with icy blue purpose throbbing within them; its distended jowls and puckered mouth readied to sing to me. Its song was one of assured conquest and corruption in sharp foul tones. My beautiful beacon was now completely transformed by the pain of this birth, her face contorted as a frame of terror for the hell in her eyes. She was gone to me, my only hope was to take down the demon still barely caged within her. I had no knife or bludgeon, my soul would surely be devoured if i laid hands on the encroaching beast. Wracked with grief, my hands ripped and clawed onto my only weapon, tearing the glassy daggers out of my bride's mouth, her mind being only capable of gargled delirium now. Nonetheless, my time in obtaining a weapon allowed the monster to fully birth from its sanguine prison and find purchase in the darkness. My head swelled and swung feverishly as i stabbed, again and again in the plunging black until i felt it stick.

The newborn devil had escaped me, but my blade had insured it's dark purpose would never live beyond its mortal host.



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Hmm. Interesting. That's literally the only thing I can say.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

ISN'T THAT PRECIOUS?!....Awww look, It's covered in mung! lol


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My little pony! My little pony! so this is where they spawn from

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Thank you, you have added something new to my nightmares. And I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that is the purpose of this picture.

Congratulations, sir. You have succeeded if that was your endeavor.

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Is that a my little pony commin out of her snatch?? Well anyways great job

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