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Demor 1: Arson


                                                           Demors (closed species by me)

1. Demors are spirits of vengeance that follow and torture their victims with their abilities until that person is finally driven to insanity and/or suicide..

2. A Demor's victim is always a person who killed another person,whether intentionally or not,and got away with it.

3. Demors always look like demonic horselike creatures,but can have many different traits depending on what phobia,sin,or death they are based on,for example,a Gluttony themed Demor may have rotting food all over it's body,or Arachnophobia themed one might have spiders crawling all over.

4. Demors can only be seen by the person they haunt.

5. Demors have the ability to make illusions (like making blood appear to run down a wall) and give their victim nightmares based on the phobia,sin or death they represent. Depending on the Demor they might have other abilities,such as creating fire or causing sickness.

6. A Demor will slowly stalk the person nonstop,appearing everywhere, until their death,whether killed by the Demor itself ( a very painful terrifying death,as Demors will tear a person limb by limb) or the person ends their own life.

7. Demors can't enter buildings or vehicles,however they can still use their abilities on you if you are in one,so hiding from them won't save you either.

8. Because Demors are spirits,they don't really need to eat,but it's not uncommon for them to eat garbage, dead bodies,roadkill,and rotting meat (especially if maggots are present) if it disturbs their victim (yeah,Demors are disgusting jerks that way)

9. Demors don't have genders,and can switch between a female and male voice at whim.

10. Demors are great at mimicking others voices,a skill they use to further psychologically torture a person.

11. Demors can be any color,but tend to be dark or muted colors.

12. Despite their violent,murderous ways,Demors are not evil,and would never hurt an innocent person.

Arson can create illusions and nightmares with fire themes,can make things burst into flames,and can cause their victims to have painful burns just appear on their bodies.

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how long did it take you to come up with the lore, and is there anymore details about these "demors" worth mentioning?

I like the design, it's actually quite interesting. is it a mix between a horse and dog or is it based off 1 animal entirely.

Spiderberry responds:

It took me about a week,but only because I was working on a bunch of other species at the same time. I think that's all the info I want to give them,as it pretty much sums up what they are,and since these were created to be sold as adoptables,I wanted to keep them a little simple with the lore,because I thought something with a lot of story might discourage buyers who want make their own stories and background.

They were based mostly on a horse,with some spider elements,but as I kept working on the design,the face became more canine looking as I went.

Sorry for the long reply,and thank you for the review!

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Aug 18, 2019
6:12 PM EDT
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