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Sorry I haven't posted something in a while. This is Iket.
If you feel the sword it too big, sorry. It's the centerpiece of the image. I love the contrast between small and large. The character is incredibly strong so she can lift it. The sword was originally the character's father's, who is about eight foot tall, so I wanted it to look like it belonged to someone much larger.

For a character description and background please read below;

Korriden was a mercenary to the core and spent most of his off time in some unscrupulous placed or another. In other words he slept around, but not only in unscrupulous places, really it would be any place... public or not. Who knows how many children he has? We Iket is one of them. She is a sixteen year old adventurer. Her mother was of course an elf but she inherited the astounding strength of her father, just in a smaller package. This actually comes from the half ogre in Korriden, he doesn't know that, he looks nothing like an ogre, except for his massive size and bulging muscles, so Iket is a quarter ogre. The similarities she has with this side of her heritage is her astounding strength, her oversized brow, her red eyes and the blue like pigment found in ogres skin was inherited in her hair. As elves go, Iket is short even for them, standing about four foot eight. Contrary to her size, she weighs 213 kg (all the muscle strength has to go somewhere and it's defiantly not in size, it's density) which is one of her greatest embarrassments. She's knocked out many people for making comments about her weight.

Iket is much more prudish then her father being raised by elves but has inherited a massive temper. She is not generally an angry person, on the contrary she's very cheerful and spunky... it just doesn't take very much to set her off. But once she vents she's back to normal just as fast. Growing up as somewhat of an outcast and a lonely child has given her a small self esteem problem. She constantly lies, compulsively. The majority of her lies are about herself, how she grew up or what she's done and experienced. The problem is she's good at it, very good at it. She's extremely cute and she knows it, so she happily uses it to manipulate people as she sees fit, purely for entertainment of course. This is because of another trait (gained from her father) extreme anxious restlessness. She cannot do nothing or stand still, it sends her crazy.

Korriden passed on his massive sword to Iket to use on her adventures, a powerful enchanted weapon built to be large for him... For Iket the sword is... well... you can see in the picture. But she's easily strong enough to wield it and will never use anything else.



yeah i dont think that sword is big enough, she can still lift it...

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