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Newgrounds in Metroidvania


My submission for Pixel Day 2016. Started making this back in October 26 When I heared Real Faction announced Pixel Day by having a agreement with Tom Fulp so this took about
approximately 3-4 weeks due to taking breaks since there are many fan arts I'm making I have
to worry about not relating to this. I have fun making this during my long journey. Enjoy!

List of characters featured here in order:

-NG Headquarters:
MegaCharlie159, Jerry Jackson, Egoraptor, Adam Phillips, Jaza, Deathink, Blue Hippo,
Stamper, BomToons, Luis, JoshBend, BlueBaby, Dan Paladin, Wade Fulp, Strawberry Clock,
Tom Fulp, Edd Gould, Sherbert the Cat, Hank J. Wimbleton, Stick Figure from Xiao Xiao
Rice Pirate.
-Badger Badger Badger:
Sabtastic, Matt like swords, Chazdude, Characters from Charlie the Unicorn and Starbarians
in the background.
-Mushroom Mushroom:
Characters from Castle Crashers, Fox from William and sly, Cat from Potion Shop, Chibi Knight,
Orange Clock, Mr. Happy Face, Elephant from Achievement Unlocked, Magical Trevor.
Poxpower, African Dude, Tacoman, Burrito Bison, No man, a character from Pit People,
PsychoGoldfish, Burnt Face Man, Fernando, Tremerz, Truckers Delight, Snake.
Krinkles, Zone Tan, Salad Fingers, Necromcancer from Castle Crashers, Rockman Neo,
Characters from Xombie, Character from Lakeview Cabin, Super Meat Boy, Character from Tower
of Heaven, Steven from Time Fcuk, Issac, Heart Star, Bed Hogg.
-Slime Cave:
Dad n me, Abobo and son, Power Trip, Brian, Pickleman, Bird with Gun?, Beebo, Castle
Cat, Tiny Dangerous Dungeons, Hiro, Ching Chong Beautiful, Andrew Dickman, Level Up!,
Guy in Alien Hominid suit used for convention by Newgrounds, Spazkid.
-Sky Land:
Captain Tardigrade riding on a stolen rocket pocket?, P-bot, The Behemoth, Pico,
There she is!, Riddle School, Carrion, Eskimo Bob against imposter, The second comming
from Animation vs. Minecraft, Markiplier, Bitey, Crayon Poke, Ship from Wasted Sky, Rabbit
from Walk in the Woods,Character from SHIFT, Rabbit from Alice is Dead, Blcokhead, Super Mario
Bros. Z Robot Dinosaurs, Mindchamber, Stu-boy and Piv-boy, Foamy, Hamster from Retarded
Animal Babies, Chaos Faction, Unamed protagonist from No time to explain in the background,
Characters from Battle Block Theater, Fancy Pants, Goat from There is no Game, oneyng.
-Lava Cave:
Leo and Satan (also ther is Satan from Retarded Animal Babies), Mega Satan from The Binding
of Issac, Sammurai Asshole, Domo Kun Angry Smash Fest, Character from You have to burn the Rope,
Hell Benders, Bee man from #changethebees, Weebl, I love Egg, Stone from 400 years, Ticky,
character from Escape the Volcano Dungeon of Dread, Synj, Kid and Dog from Joy, Gravestone of
dead flash files and those who oppose the elemental dragon, Jerry.
-Game Boy style Pinball of Heaven:
Alfonzo from Eskimo Bob, Character from Handheld Video Game a game inside a Game Boy,
Sole Gunner Mini, Jet Gunner, The Toast King Stencil, Upgrade Complete.
-Desert Night:
Duke Dashington, Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa Guy), Tank men, Phyrnna, JohnnyUtah, Aether,
Realfaction, Characters from Final Fantasy A+ in the background.
-Nes style Save Room:
Grunt from Madness Combat, Phoenotopia Girl, JinnDevil, characters from Cathode Raybots, Larry
and the Gnomes.
-Nes style Final Boss:
Nondeviser, Cast from Afrenhouse.

And no I don't acknowledge KK!

Game Over.

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Well first off congrats on the front page well deserved for all the time you put in on this and wow you put a lot of people in this one lots of great energy in all the different screens and mock ups really a beautiful sight and glad I got to review this piece of yours you have really made me have a new admiration for Sprite work and the effort that goes into them so props to you for all the hard work

No changes as this was a beautiful insight on all the Sprite detail and energy


You never cesse to amaze me

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Why thank you.

Jeez, a lot of effort went into this, especially since you won one of the best art for pixel day

This is super great!!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Good news: I'm making a sequel to this art before this upcoming pixel day with the same resolution! Stay tuned! ;)

A more loving and inclusive tribute, I have not seen. There must be about 100 NG unique characters and people in this piece. The hallmark of any good creator is attention to detail, and damn man, there are shit-tons of that! Along with that, is how well they're all laid out.. what an incredible feat :O

It's my sincerest hope, that all the people you've represented here, will know about about this, and be in awe of it all.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thanks for the comment. I do recognize these people but I really missed Drunkmagikoopa who is my favorite NG user back in the days.

Credits & Info

4.78 / 5.00

Jan 22, 2016
8:53 PM EST
Pixel Art
File Info
3840 x 2160 px
1.3 MB

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