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Metal Newgrounds


We've come along way since 1995 while Tom announced that the portal turned 20 years old recently as time flies so fast. This pic is a tribute to Newground characters

featured here on this pixel art inspired by Neo Geo Games (Metal Slug) limited to a total of 60 color palette in around 20 days! This will be Tom Fulp's birthday gift on April 30th the day I

upload this pic where the problem of the future today or should I say everything by everyone? Shoutout to @ALEKSIVAN for suggesting me to add additional characters that are popular that

I'm missing out!

List of characters from left to right: The Gypsy from the Cooties Bar,Captain Crash, Goat Diemango, Carrion, Beebo the Cat, Starbarian, Ed Gould, @Shenanigasen in a fur suit from one of his comics, 

Zhima from @Diives, Bitey chasing Synj, Oney plays, Bowlbo and his dog with Blockhead, Charlie the Unicorn, @SuperStarmations, Sunchips, Magical Trevor, Madness Combat (Tricky, The Auditor, Hank,

Sanford and Deimos), Smash Girl, Dad, Dad from Dad n Me, Badger Mushroom Snake, Retarded Animal Babies and Satan, Hellbenders, Leo and Satan, characters from Chathode Raybots, Larry, I wish I were

the Moon in the background with character from Aether, Running Voltgun, Bleed main character, Level Up!, @HotDiggedyDemon with Jerry Doll, Eskimo Bob in armor mech, Sammurai Asshole, @SesVanbrubles,

Ninja Sex Party, @SuperPhil64 V Gal and No Man, I Mockery's Pickle Man, Little Runmo, Metal Gear Awesome, @deathink, Satina, @G33X Micro, Gutwhale character, Saminat's space marine, Shadman,

Pbot robot mech with other bots and Mindchamber as force pod, There She Is, Bunnykill, Burntfaceman, @Sabtastic, Captain Tardigrade, Salad fingers, Cuboy, @ChutneyGlaze, The Smiling Friends,

Numa Numa, Batman from the Ultimate Showdown, Dr. Bees, @Phyrnna, the main character from Perdition, Xiao Xiao, Skitzo, Spooky Month, Jazza with Fancy Pants, Arfenhouse

with Stu Boy and Piv Boy puppets, Timmy from Super Dangerous Dungeons, Paul Robertosn's Cake Dog, DreaminErryDay, @Butzbo Dino Melt with tank, @gatekid3 riding on fire bird reminding me of

king knight riding king birders head, Meat Boy with Eid from Tower of Heaven and Time Fcuk along with @Luis, @Chazdude, The final boss of Alien Hominid, Pink Knight and Castle Crashers on the far

right of this pic, @thepixelizer, @TheEnkian Applebug, Abobo holding Domo Kun, Plancy's World, Isaac with Hatty Hatington hat, Weebl and Bob with I love egg and The Behemoth, Alien Hominid Invasion

characters, Tom Fulp's Tank, Tacoman, Skullink Hally, Handsup, Damian by @53xy83457, Level 60 Knight with Tankmen, Thugmen and Sexual Lobster's Fernando, Sublo and Tangy Mustard riding on there

ship with character from Phenotopia commanded by Rice Pirate to remove Brian from Red Diamond Dragon Club, @Sushi Cat, @Maruki Ghost, Ebaum's world, Skullkid, Mr. Happy Face, @El-Cid, @ZONE-SAMA chased

by African Dude mask (SMB2 reference), The Shooting Stars, VVVVVV, Nightmare Cops(one character is holding a crab from @goawayimcrabby, Necromancer from castle crashers, Foamy the Squirrel, BananaLock,

Orange Clock and Strawberry Clock, Horatio from Pit People riding on the golden whale from Battle Block Theater, The Second Comming Exe., Phaser character, Waynes World, Super Chibi Knight with 

Legend of Hiro and @JinnDEvil along with @matt-like-swords, @64bitsanimation, @JohnnyUtah, Zombidle, Dirge from Xombie, Tarboy, Castle Crashing the Beard, Jerry Jackson in video game form, CATS

(All Your Base Are Belong To Us), Phyco Goldfish in his Newgrounds Portal Defender appearance, Pico characters, @RealFaction, Tankmen Steve, Wade Fulp, and Tom Fulp himself.

So there you have it! Oh shit this took me awhile to type this description before uploading this... Happy Birthday @TomFulp you deserve something awesome!

Game Over and out!

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Wow now this must have been a great project here it was pretty good the metal of newgrounds and its some solid pixel style so awesome work


Ho-ly..! Phyrnna & Matt Roszak? Run'mo & the Meatball Man? Tarboy? The Second Coming? Level Up??

These are some great references, especially Level Up, of all things! Amazing job.

Here you get your 5 stars by the almost entirely history of the Newground´s characters.
Nice Done :)

The entire history of characters

My god this is great the amount of references in here is enough to fuel a lifelong nostalgia trip

Credits & Info

4.80 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2020
12:37 PM EDT
Pixel Art

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