Jeo flys


this is a total re-make of an old submission,
i also posted a comparason of the 2 together if you look at my post in my profile
this one was all done in SAI
i hope you all enjoy

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Drive angry

He looks real angry as he is flying as well here. The desire to get somewhere just seems to be painted all over his face here as well. The colors all look very well too. I like the space in the background a lot too.

The panel he is using looks like it had some good details applied to it as well I think. The colors are very nice though, great work there.

Overall, very nice piece.

Review Request Club

Rennis5 responds:

yeah this guy is going to kick some arse!!
i have a lot of story line for this character that i'm trying to draft, i think in my next version of this picture i'm going to make him look like he had the shit kicked out of him and keep the angry face, i might redesign that to look a little better.

i'm glad you like the colours, i was a little worried about useing too much blue and green but i think it looks good too

thank you :)

Well done!

The background in this picture looks to be very well done, I love the space scene :p. The character that you've created seems to be pretty cool, and very full of personality. He's obviously pissed at someone, and about to go rip him a new ashhole quick!

The only things I would really recommend that you change are:
- The perspective from the inside of the ship looks slightly off, and your character's arms seem to be a little off as well.
- Some parts of the cockpit are oddly positioned

Besides that though...
This is a great art submission!

~Dj Sonik

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Rennis5 responds:

thank you, i'm glad you like my character i was worried people would not like him because he has no nose lol,
i've already completely redesigned the whole cockpit just about, it looks the same i just added as many things as i could think of and hopefull in a week or so i will have finished it and have the 3rd (and final) version of this picture posted for you guys to review,
i hoping to make some big changes but i will keep the same background
thank you for you'r review

Very nice

A quite dramatic picture. We can see some alien guy in what appears to be a space battle. At least he doesn't look very happy, so I guess he's angry at someone or something. Or maybe he just had a bad day, heh.

Anyway, the details in this picture are pretty good. The background looks amazing and I think you covered the "space feeling" here very well.

Only thing that bothers me is that the perspective inside the spaceship seems to be a bit off. Or maybe I just need to get my eyes examined, lol.

{ Review Request Club }

Rennis5 responds:

lol, yeah he is on his way to kick someones arse.
i think you are right about the perspective i noticed it escially on the dash with the instuments after you mentioned it.
i'm thinking redesigning the dash slightly by adding a few more things.
thank you for the 10 dude

Not Bad At All

I think everyone will agree, the background in this looks great. The colours all blend nicely and the detail in the rings and planet is good. I really cant fault it. It fits the picture perfectly, and there's nothing about it that screams "FIX ME"

That being said, the detail on everything else is kind of disappointing. The cockpit is well designed, but looks lie it could use a few scuff marks and buttons through about it. Also, some of the lines seem a little off, either being not straight or curved properly. But oh well, it still looks good in general, and it's very subtle.
Also, the character could use a little more detail around his uniform and such. It just seems a little plain, and the texture is lacking.

Really, just work on adding little details here and there, other than that, it's good work!

*Review Request Club*

Rennis5 responds:

well the background was very easy to make in photoshop from scratch, i can't remember the exact process but it is on youtube.
you are right about the detail, i'd love to add more to this but i need to learn how , so when i get time i will have to research that on youtube.
i'm glad you like it and thank you

A good start

I love the background of the piece, as my eye is drawn straight to the planet and the amazing look that you have for the planet and its rings. The "dust cloud" look of the background is nice, lending a look of the Aurora Borealis to the scene.

Moving on to the character, he looks good - humanoid, with a square jaw, but the devil is in the detail and melding his nose into his cheeks is a nice way to make him look inhuman, aside from just the skin. The left forearm does looka little on the large side though.

You've designed the cockpit well, giving space for two people to sit up front, where the point of view comes from. A question I would ask is where the steering equipment attaches to the main console - there doesn't appear to be anything connecting the two.

Finally, with the detail attached to the background and the character, you've let it down a little, by not tidying up the flow of the curves on the console and the straight edges of the display. If you try zooming in a little and attending to the finer details, you can deal with the issues at a more base level and when you zoom back out, it will look a lot better.

Still, this is a great concept and I'd love to see you take this further, be it to a comic, story or even a flash cartoon. Best of luck!

[Review Request Club]

Rennis5 responds:

i'm glad you like it, i want to perfect a style before i start drawing a comic but i have already started a draft.
i think you'r review is fair and you mention some good tips, i might even go back and make a 3rd version of this one with textures and better line art
thank you

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Jul 25, 2011
11:44 AM EDT
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