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100 Flash Games


"In July 2017, Microsoft, along with Adobe and their industry technology partners, announced that Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 2020."

A tribute to Flash in its final days made in collaboration with BrawlersintheZone. The two of us worked together to illustrate 100 unique flash game characters to commemorate the plethora of memories Flash has brought to us both!

It is by far my most ambitious piece, and I certainly hope you enjoy it!

Ordinarily, I often ask people to guess which characters they can recognize, but in this case there are simply too many for anybody to guess all of them!

Full List:

  1. Spike from Spike: A Love Story
  2. Zombie from I Saw Her Standing There
  3. Alien from Run
  4. Monkey from Bloons/Bloons Tower Defense
  5. Duck from Duck Life
  6. DSYP Guy from Don't Shit Your Pants
  7. The Skullkid from Skullkid
  8. Nolegs from Epic Battle Fantasy
  9. Turtle from Toss the Turtle
  10. Phil from Riddle School
  11. Buddy from Interactive Buddy
  12. Pico from Pico's School
  13. Steven from Time Fcuk
  14. Eid from Tower of Heaven
  15. Red Ball from Red Ball Platformer
  16. Penguin from Learn to Fly
  17. Elephant from There is Only One Level
  18. Snail from Snailiad
  19. Colm from Colm
  20. Sushi Cat from Sushi Cat
  21. Block from Impossible Game
  22. Octopus from Authentic Octopus Game
  23. Penilans from UFA
  24. Grunt from Madness
  25. Grey Goo from Tasty Planet
  26. Justin Beaver from Kill Justin Beaver
  27. Meat Boy from Meat Boy
  28. Isaac from The Binding of Isaac
  29. Chibi Knight from Chibi Knight
  30. Target from Resident AEvil
  31. Alien Hominid from Alien Hominid
  32. Henry Stickmin from the Henry Stickmin games
  33. Fancy Pants
  34. Shark from the Shark series
  35. Spewer
  36. Ray from the Ray series
  37. Ghost from Haunt the House
  38. Chainsaw the Children
  39. Fireboy and Watergirl
  40. (Fireboy and Watergirl count as two characters)
  41. Penguin from Club Penguin
  42. Line-rider
  43. N
  44. Dead Baby from Dead Baby series
  45. Super Hexagon
  46. Bad Ice Cream
  47. Canabalt
  48. Test Subject Blue
  49. Swordface
  50. Cubes from Super Stacker
  51. Baby Dragon from How to Raise A Dragon
  52. Baby from Raft Wars
  53. People from Grow series
  54. Stickman from Territory War
  55. Decorated Ball from Factory Balls
  56. Player from Expert Wrassling
  57. Moon from I Wish I Were the Moon
  58. Seedling from Seedling
  59. Samurai Asshole
  60. King from Murder
  61. Tarzan ball from Catch the Candy
  62. Rogue Soul Protagonist
  63. Cat from The Impossible Quiz series
  64. Peashy from Cereus Peashy
  65. Chisel from Chisel
  66. Kid + Squid from Aether
  67. “Alien Baby” from Coil
  68. Train Robber from Train Robber
  69. Bot from Boombot
  70. Seal from Club a Seal
  71. Slime from Sling
  72. Killbot
  73. Pause Ahead Protagonist
  74. The Visitor
  75. Dinosaur from Dino Run
  76. Easy Joe from Easy Joe
  77. Speedrunner 
  78. Parasite from Pandemic
  79. Nene from Nene’s Interactive Suicide
  80. Gravity Guy
  81. Burger Fanatic from 60 Second Burger Run
  82. Jelly from Jelly Escape
  83. Figure from Powder Game
  84. Cookie from Cookie Clicker
  85. Captain Viridian from VVVVVV
  86. Johnny Rocketfingers
  87. Kit and the Octopod
  88. Pigeon from Hatoful Boyfriend
  89. Gun Mayhem
  90. Worm from Effing Worms
  91. Old Man from Happy Wheels
  92. Homeowner from Get Off My Lawn
  93. Golem from 400 Years
  94. My Ass
  95. Burrito Bison
  96. Fly from Natural Selection
  97. Main Character from Papa’s ___eria series
  98. Worm from Apple Worm
  99. Slime from Slime Laboratory
  100. Runner from QWOP

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Very nice art. The red colour makes it a bit harder to tell what is from what game, the alient from Run is hard to know beacuse it's red instead of grey, like many players remember it. But very nice work nonetheless! It inspires me to make art of flash games I used to play.

ProsciuttoMan responds:

It was always intended as a monochromatic piece, simply because this makes the artwork much more cohesive and differentiating all characters by color isn't something I think would look very good with 100 characters (You'd loose a lot of the harmony established by monochrome).
It's red on white because this is the colour scheme of Flash itself, which yes does complicate some aspects, I feel overall is beneficial to the piece as a whole.


This spritework is great! I love the use of the monochrome palette and how you both captured all these characters in such small resolution. It makes me feel very nostalgic seeing so many characters that I haven't thought about in a real long time.

Since a lot of the flash games I played are there, let me talk about one that isn't: Dragon Ball Devolution. This game was basically a recap of the original Dragon Ball Z series, which I wouldn't know because I watched Kai, with every fight and win from the series. The famous kamehameha collisions would push towards a person based on the button-mashing of another, making it seem as tense as the anime would have it. The sprites were different from most DBZ games, as they were small and probably chibified. As a Gen Z gamer, Flash was my nostalgia, and that was one of the most unique games to me.

ProsciuttoMan responds:

There was certainly thought put in to adding stuff like Mario 63 or Super Smash Flash, but in the end we wanted to focus on the original content that was built in Flash, otherwise it'd just become 100 video game characters.

Oh wow! This is a super comprehensive piece! You guys did great! So many of my favorites!!!!

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4.69 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2020
3:49 AM EDT
Pixel Art
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638 x 760 px
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