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I feared loosing you... Now I fear finding you...

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4.75 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2015 | 9:03 PM EDT
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In 2508, Isaac volunteered to be a part of an emergency response unit attached to the USG Kellion. The crew was dispatched to the USG Ishimura, the CEC mining ship was last reported orbiting Aegis VII on its mission to crack the planet, their mission was to investigate the distress signals[3] sent by the ship and to discover the reason behind the total communication black out. Upon their arrival, the Kellion tried to hail the Ishimura to establish communication with the ship’s crew, but was greeted with static messages. Unfortunately, as the Kellion tried to land on the Ishimura, the ship was severely damaged by a docking procedure malfunction and was forced to crash land into the landing bay. Due to the emergency crash land, the Kellion lost its port booster.

Shortly after disembarking from the damaged Kellion and noticing that the ship seems to be deserted, the party was attacked by several unidentified entities in the flight lounge, later these entities were revealed to be the Ishimura's deceased crew members being reanimated by a recombinant extraterrestrial infection known as Necromorphs. In the aftermath of the attack, only Isaac Clarke, the engineer, Computer Specialist Kendra Daniels, and the team’s commander, Zach Hammond survived.

Isaac was separated from the emergency response unit and avoided his pursuers by escaping in a nearby elevator. Still in touch with Kendra and Hammond via RIGlink, Isaac aided in the Ishimura’s repair by fulfilling numerous tasks across the ship. Despite the Necromorph’s opposition, a CQD beacon was eventually placed on an asteroid chunk undergoing ore extraction and purged from the mining hold. The signal attracted the attention of a military vessel, the USM Valor. However, the crews of the Valor were slaughtered shortly, after they recovered an Ishimura escape pod containing a Slasher, trapped and unintentionally jettisoned from the ship's bridge by Hammond.

With most of its crews dead or being transformed into Necromorphs, the Valor was left to drift out of control and subsequently sideswiped the Ishimura, violently crashing into it. A successful attempt to retrieve the Valor’s singularity core nonetheless resulted in Hammond’s death at the hands of an Enhanced Brute. Returning to the Ishimura, Isaac was contacted by Dr. Terrence Kyne, a scientist who planned to return Marker 3A to the colony below via the remaining shuttle.

Yet , isaac is still alive and is under the perseption of the psych ward.


i wanted to dictate isaac as week and as nimble as i possibly could... i wanted him to be vulnerable. He is extremely wounded and has lost all faith to escape. I added a woman which was close to Isaac that he had lost on the ship... She is depicted as bright in colour because she is in fact a hallucination and rather a chaotic flash of a past memory. These memory is luring Isaac to the despicable black which is awaiting his traumatic death. As the final survivor , he is left helpless and his death is inevitable. The fact that the viewer also fails to see the necromorph places an overwhelming fear to the piece as they can see themselves in Isaac depicted in the third person view.


This piece was exhausting as i lost half my progress twice due to corrupt files.
i drew is on my laptop with a samsung 2014 using photoshop cs6.
My total time neared at 90 hours.

A HUGE thank you to Aaron Nace for awesome photoshop tutorials.
And as well to Jazz for his remarkable drawing and photoshop tutorials! It made my holidays amazing!


Thank you for reading!!!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

This. Is. Beautiful.
From a purely aesthetic and formal elements point of view, your piece is brilliant. (Not to mention the feelings that this piece conjures within the viewer.) The composition creates so much depth and the detail is incredible. I can believe this took so many hours! It's apparent that you love doing this as you've put such great care an effort into this. It has really paid off!
So I may have only skimmed your back story, I apologise for this!
This has such a fantastical and eerie quality to it, I am awestruck.
Two thumbs up to you, human. You've created some beautiful, haunting, ominous and powerful art.

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Paskel responds:

WOW! Thank you!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi there Paskel, this is quite an interesting piece, before i started reading the description and the story, just by looking at the illustration i got a feeling that something is wrong and creepy about the girl.. maybe the guy is hallucinating or something. its quite a feat to narrate a story in just a still image but you did and nailed it quite well. The fog brings out the eeriness in the environment which is really nice. I wish you goodluck for the challenge and in your upcoming artistic endeavour :) your effort reflects in the result.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOW, this is literally the best piece ive seen in quite a while! I love your detail you used, the color and everything! This art work speaks more than words can describe and if you dont win ill be very very shocked! well done man :) P.S, 20 stars from me :)

Paskel responds:

Thanks bro! means more than you can imagine!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

90 HOURS?! Good gosh. This piece is impressive, my friend *-* not to mention the badass backstory. But I literally cannot describe how amazing this drawing is. I love the blue accent you used because it can make darkness look a little bit lighter. I would give 6 or more stars if I can. Superb job~ Oh, and nice meeting you on Youtube btw, haha ;)

Paskel responds:

your words are amazing! thank you so much! and thank you for reading my desription, i know it was really long! My file corrupted on me twice during the process, if there is one thing i learnt is to backup your file ! XD