entry for AVAT 2th round

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I think I quite like this! The white light source coming from the right does the cloak good...from what we can see, everything looks great. The green tint reminds me of a Type O Negative album.

But everything is quite reserved...yes, this figure is very mysterious, but it's only such because it's teasing us over how vague it is. We got a pointy, oldschool Italian doctor's mask (they used the beak to stuff with herbs under the notion that it acted like a filter for the air you breathed so you didn't get the plague...it's either a doctor's mask or it's Halloween :P) We got sort of an arm, tastefully concealed to avoid having a hand drawn, and we have the bare necessities to establish he's holding the reigns of a horse.

It would be better if we got to see more detail as to WHO we're looking at; what kind of person was exiled, because based completely off of what I can piece together, it's a masquerade gladiator monk plus his camera shy buddy that likes to wear horse heads whilst wearing a leash.

It would be better if we got to see more than just 5% of the horse. In fact, there's so little of the horse, it could have easily been left out, and saved from cluttering that side up so we have the Exiled and the leaves and settings to focus completely upon.

It would be better if the leaves were different leaves at different angles to better recreate what a flurry of blowing leaves would actually look like. The motion blur effect is used in good taste on a couple, but it's pretty obvious it was one leaf copied again and again.

The sky, background/environment looks superb. The color tone is great, and the robe is so excellently detailed it's treading Frazetta territory.

This would absolutely rock as a comic book cover...like a Renaissance telling of "The Spectre."

I voted 5. Everything I said here was honest from me. Keep up the great work! :D


I'm the 3rd guy to say this is awesome lol. One question" is that the guy with the bird mask in Assasin's Creed? or is this just an ordinary plague doctor back when The Black Death existed? If so, i've gotta say this looks epic. The dark colors and foggy background gives off the feeling of a wasteland full of death and loneliness. Great artwork, 5/5 *Favorited*


You're very talented!
this is and understatement.


Another great piece by you! I love your newer style. It's got a great look and feel to it. It looks like a comic/ painting. But more to it. Really great! Keep going with your art. You're very talented!

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Aug 5, 2011
7:32 PM EDT
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