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Here's a weird one. I drew this when I thought of a girl with multi-colored locks of hair, some pink others blue. I don't know why she's dancing on broken glass... but it looks pretty cool.



My Caption of the day:

'The thief knew breaking into Kevin McCallister's house was a big mistake.'

Caption aside, it also looks as though she has knocked a small container of red paint over and out of frustration, she tore up her picture, its not glass! That's her picture, the one she destroyed in a sudden fit of rage. And now she is dancing on top of it, she might be crazy, but we all get a little crazy from time to time... Except this woman whose tapdancing knows no bounds.

NeverHundred responds:

well, that is a great interpretation of the drawing.


For some reason, I started giggling when I scrolled down and saw all the blood and glass shards everywhere; I have no idea why. Maybe its the happy and nonchalant expression on the girl's face combined with her extremely painful-looking situation, or maybe it's the way her feet are positioned... or maybe I'm just weird or something.

The way the blood puddle gets abruptly cut off in the middle looks kind of strange, and her left hand looks somewhat bigger than her right one, but other than that, everything looks awesome! She looks so happy... this picture almost makes me want to switch genders, dye my hair blue and pink and start dancing on some glass shards myself!

NeverHundred responds:

Yeah, you should try it. All the cool kids are switching genders, dying their hair obnoxious colors than dancing on painful items... such as fire, sharpened blades and as with this picture glass.

The blood puddles questionable nature was intentional. And the hands... uh... that's a perspective thing. You see her left hand is actually further from our perspective than her right, which is coming right out at the viewer. Yes... that's.. that's how this is all put together.

Okay messed up on the hands, but the blood thing, entirely intentional.

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Apr 21, 2010
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