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Optimus Prime (HOC) version


This is Kinda how I pictured how Optimus Prime would've looked if I covered the movie designs.

Not as cool, I guess , but definitely more loyal to the G1 perspective.

My version is the flatnosed Semi, just like the G1 version. The only difference is he merges with his trailer instead of it simply disappearing. This would be the best way to give him that bulk since the cab alone wouldnt have enough volume. This also makes him really "wheel" crazy, as every of the trucks 18 wheels are incorporated into his design. Hes big and strong, but doesnt look like a fighting machine. because prime really wasn't. He was the autobots hero, their leader, but he was a common robot amongst them. So he simply resembles strength. He looks battered because he takes a beating. Kills only when forced to, many of his scars are failed attempts at his life from opponents offered redemption. But that is Optimus Prime. He rather reinforce his body and take cheap shots from enemies in the hopes that one of them may change sides in the presence of his mercy, than upgrade his offensive weaponry and become a walking turret,... like megatron

2017 Hasbro released a Combined Optimus /trailer figure that pretty nails the look I was going for


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no words except for this artwork is very VERY amazing. this design of optimus is very much perfect. the incorporation of the g1 esque design as well as the more bayverse kinda look really makes this just really good.

Fun fact Optimus Prime combining with his trailer dates back to G1 with the Powermaster Optimus prime figure. I like to consider the 2017 Power of The Primes a nice update of that concept and made better.


A nice picture of Optimus Prime.

MindChamber responds:

thank you sir!

Another great piece!

This is a really good piece, with probably its only flaw is that it's a bit too cartoonish. It's still fantastic to look at, because you perfectly capture the essence of this character. I am not a "Transformers" fan myself, but this was fantastic. The best part is probably how everything manages to be so shiny in this. You get a real sense that he's in a realistic environment. The colors are wonderfully done as well, especially with how bright they are.

It's artwork like this that makes you realize how the character could work as a car. You can just imagine him showing turning into or out of his car form. His wheels for feet kind of look like claws. Every part of the picture just glistens so well, it's simply impossible not to like. It makes you realize how many parts a car has.

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Jun 17, 2009
11:07 AM EDT
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