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Created this a while back. I have it on my desk mostly as a reminder that I have a big story to tell.

Mindchamber is created with Sculptey Clay, Bionicle parts, and these cool "Friction" pistons from lego.

The lights in the eyes and chest are courtesy of Wade, who took the time to wire them together.

Originally he was fully poseable, but the nine volt in his chest added even more weight to his immense torso. So I reinforced the pistons connecting to his chest and legs with springs, and locked his heel in place. So while he is still semi poseable, he cant crouch all the way down or pose in a running position like he used to. The little boy was done in scupltey as well.

heres a thread tracking the progress:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/861942

It isnt the best figure ever but not bad for my first go around. The imperfections actually add to Mindchamber's steampunk design. This wouldnt work for Intraface (Mindchambers' more advanced copy) So I would need to get much better before tackling him.

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Wow this one right here is soo good, such amazing details and overall effort here is wonderful. This piece here has something unique about it too and great eye appealing things. You don't see something so realistic and practical done on this site. The face you went above and beyond just your regular art form, to create something that can be manipulated and used as even a prop for more art is amazing. You have a creative style here that I really respect. You took parts and your own molds to make something important and creative. You designed a new robot like creature with even a nice friend and that isn't easy to do. This is on the level of creative movie props to me. The amount of effort and the way you constructed this is just something you can't just do and takes real real talent. You even have the comic to back this up and a big story to tell. You can see you are building something here and I cannot wait to see where that goes. The blues in the robot and the gear details were my favorite part. I think overall it is pretty perfect, but with all models, you will need to make more and ones that have different functions. I think you should build on another model and see what you can do with that one, keeping the look, but adding more aesthetically useful things that you had issues doing this time around. I would also maybe expand on the boy more, maybe have him more posable and bendable. Maybe add that metal and make him more rubber like? Just an idea. I think what you've done is great tho and you should keep doing this. I will check your progress in the future and look forward to whatever you create next. I think this is one of the most creative things I have seen on this site in a while and I am looking forward to your progression.

Nothing to change, but you can expand on these ideas and add more in the future


MindChamber responds:

thanks for the awesome review, and love dude, much appreciated. and I definitely like your suggestions. I do plan to remake this robot, and make him way more pose-able. never thought about making a new pose-able version of the boy, but I might now! thanks!

dude make drawing of mind chamber and make a toy too he's awsome


That was 3D

its mindchamber's toy


I have seen models of the MindChamber robot before, but never one that was presented in such a fantastic way. Did you make the comic that is being shown? I can just imagine how long it must have taken to get every single detail right for his body. The Pico doll is a great addition as well. It's stuff like this that makes me realize you're great at building things. It seems strange to have a photograph in an art portal, but it's so good you don't care.

In fact, other websites focusing on art have done that as well. You can really look closely to see all the great craftmanship you have to create something so good. I'm glad there are people on this website that are so talented. I could simply go on all day admiring every single part of the model's body. It's stuff like this that makes me proud to be a fan.

I love it!

I am in love with this! I love robots, and this is why. I wish we could get togther and create robot babies! Lol
Amazing work, well done!

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4.74 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
3:03 PM EDT
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