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  • So I came across this Old drawing of "Robocop3" a design I made based on yet another unfinished fanFic, For a possible Robocop sequel.. I have about two other older robocop drawings, and instead of posting them on separate pages, Ill just write out the old outline as I remember it and put them in here...
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------
  • Robocop OO1
  • Was the title.. it ignores the last movie..

  • Ok.. The movie opens Up with an action scene.. Robocop is beaten up, and abused, but he still patrols the city of Detroit... Hes Called in for back up, a Group of thugs have managed to Steal an experimental ED-209 Unit.. The thugs blocked off a series of streets, and cops are being sniped off.. So Robocop goes in.. At first hes dealing with the hoodlums, he knows how. Grabbing and smashing.. Stomping.. He seems particularly more violent and a tad more soulless... Then ED209 comes to the aid of the thugs.. thats where this drawing comes in:

  • iu_14732_48551.jpg

  • After dispatching the thugs, Robocop proceeds to attempt to subdue the Droid., He successfully flanks him, and gains primary control of the droid but using his data spike in the rear of the head... Robocop is about to Rip open the Chest cavity in order to remove the battery supply.. when A young girl runs up and Begs him to leave him alone.. The Droid collapses over and then she runs around to the face plate and attempts to cover it with her body.. Robcop is stunned and cant make sense of it.. At this point the Police are coming in, and rounding up the thugs that arent dead.. Robocop, attempts to assure the girl, he will no longer harm the droid.. The cops pull her back.. Robocop reconnects with the Droid and reactivates it.. It assures the officer hes under control and will escort the robot back to storage.. Thats when A team of Elite agents flood the area.. They take over the arrest proceedings and Order Robocop to relinquish the Droid.. They are a Security task force for a New York based company that now owns all assets of OCP.. OCP has been Bankrupted for years now,. It was during their transfer of Assets this Robot escaped... Some how.. Robocop stands back.. and watches the forces take away all involved.. One of the Agents attempts to acquire the child, but Robocop States shes with him. they acquiesce... The Droid is being remote controlled by the agents, and walk on his own power.. but right before ED moves into the holding truck, he appears to break free of control, for a second, turns to Robocop, and speaks in a very broken..(almost speak n spell) voice..." Please.. Take Care.. of my her".. The Agents regain control.. and pull the Droid back in line.. Robocop astonished. attempts to stop the agents, and insists to further interrogate the Droid... Robocop Is met with Force.,, and is reminded He will be liquidated as well.. So then This Happens..

  • Robocop Handles The Agents with relative ease .. At First.. He's still a mess from severe lack of upkeep. Parts start to fail, he gets overpowered.. Blacks out.. SmashCut to a mediaBreak; MB explains the current state of OCP.. its Layoffs,,,Liquidation of assets.. and Tech.. Then they go live to a Large Storage facility where we can see items are being loaded up in huge futuristic Trailers.. The First two Prototypes are being haulled away then a large bulldozer vehicle is carrying whats left of CAIN into the trailer.. followed by 3 ED209s being walked in remotely..
  • The Picketers are there for Robocop..Considered by many to still be human, people of Detroit see this as enslavement.. A Representative of the New Company assures the masses he will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • For now, he will be put in-stasis until all the legalities are squared away... BUt thats not enough for the crowd who demand to see him.. BUt during thier mid chant.. Robocop steps into the light.. And its not what people expected.. What they saw was a shattered Creature.. Barely a man, and even hardly a robot... Robcop Musters up his dignity and Calmly walks through the crowd, slowly enters the storage unit and closes the door... (scene is similar to Quasimodo struggles to get back to church).That instant hes locked into stasis .. That night Robo has a horrible dream.. and not a memory.. but a twisted David FInker-esque nightmare where hes In a hospital and nurses are running out of a maternity ward. Hes Murphy, and yells wheres my child? the nurse look at him in horror.. and he finds his wife..Bloody.. holding a cybernetic baby.. The dream pulls him out of stasis.. he breaks his binds.. and stumbles on to the empty warehouse.. He walks by and sees pieces of robot parts.. strewn about.. To some it might seem like a looting.. but for Murphy,. it just oddly looks like a massacre.. He comes across his belongings.. there isnt much..Items retrieved from his patrol car.. He finds his gun.He slams the crate lid down, and sits on it.. He flashes to the dream.... It flashes to the girl from that day. He doesn't understand.He contemplates suicide.
  • iu_14733_48551.jpg

  • The gun wont work.. he receives an Error.He's hard-coded for self preservation.
  • The next day Officials of Detroit lose the case.. Murphy is considered Property of the New Corporation in New York...
  • He gets transferred to a new lab, with a new crew.He originally is stubborn and refuses to cooperate with the new company, Until he is Forced with the ultimatum of having his Primary Directives re-instated. He complies.
  • Murphy is given new and upgraded body.. For him at least..


  • However Murphy isnt there necessarily to protect and serve.. But as further research.. New York Already has a Cyborg
  • MeCha Police 3. MP3 is completely cybernetic from the neck down... Which means hes completely Aware of his situation, and who he is.. When the Company chose him as a candidate he provided a perfect Psych profile. Honor, Duty, Dignity and unwavering loyalty above all... However MP3 is an incredibly complex individual.. A Socio-Path with a now one track goal of Power and fame...Over the course of the years He has won rights for himself, that allow him to Brand himself and who he is.. He records all his daily Duties and arrests. Hes become a reality Star with the Corporate Sponsorships to Prove it... The New York Corporation has lost control of its most expensive asset.. It partly hopes to Better understand, what went right with Robocop, and Also possibly reel in MP3s nature.
  • ... Meanwhile.. .. deep within the tech labs of this new company.. CAIN is being scanned and connected to various.. Computers.. The engineers spoke on how " We were so Close with this one".. and then watch CCTV Footage of Robocop pulling Cains brain out, and smashing it to the ground.... They freeze frame the moment he smashes the brain.. and reference .. The moment CAIN appears to be watching Robocop smash the brain... One of the engineers.. Says.. " It appears we have approx.. 10 seconds before.. the backup failed..we need to retrace this"... but as they fiddle around CAINS internals.. theres a twitch in one of his arms... one engineer looks surprised.. " You See that?"
  • Other engineer.." just residual feedback.. continue. at the moment CAIN comes to attention.. and smashes the lights. his shadow rusty bloody shell creates a distinct silhouette against the white room and flickering florescent lights.. He murders them All..
  • Back up Top Robocop is introduced to his new partner.. But MP3 likes it grandiose and needs a grand recorded entrance.. He walks into the station with a camera Crew and another member, playing his theme song on a speaker.. Im ONLY HUMAN
  • Most of the cops cheer. robocop just stands there.. He Struts in.. Tells Robo to smile for the camera. to which he doesnt.. and Go out on the beat..
  • This act plays very much like the movie ' Training Day.' He lays down how things go in his town.. and lets him know hes in charge essentially. He compliments Robocop on his humanoid body.. States that after he won his freedom back his updates became less and less human looking.. shows his hand and says.. " Look 3 Fuckin fingers.. whats that about?"... Both his arms and legs can extend for added run and climbing speed.. But his look isnt " Lady Friendly"...
  • Meanwhile CAIN is hiding somewhere in an abandoned Building in East New York.. He begins to flash back.. to his Murder on the hospital Bed.. He remembers reaching out to Juiltte faxx as she pulled his life supports systems.. as he reaches out to her in his eyes he sees his hands slowly morph into the giant claw that is his form now.. He..Taps into the internet and does a Search,, shes been Jailed for the events surrounding the CAIN massacre and is in Rikers... CAIN Jumps through the building and heads towards the Prison.
  • Back with Robocop and MP3 there is obvious friction as Mp3 seems intent on causing more drama with citizens, "For ratings,"... But a strange situation occurs when MP3 confronts a drugdealer.. the Dealer Knows who he is, but hadnt noticed Robocop .. The DrugDealer was aboiut to say something along the lines of.. "Ill get your mone---" when Mp3 shuts off his cameras and grabs the dealer and drags him to a ledge over a Bridge . Robocop attempts to intervene when Mp3 drops.. and states it was a glitch.. and reboots his cameras...
  • Robocop figures out Mp3 is running a ring... and is essentially a criminal... Upon reporting this to his Superiors. He was simply told.. " Thats why youre here.".. Robocop doesnt understand.. But has another nightmare during stasis. This time Its him, as Human Murphy being strapped to a table..hes being drugged by unknown men in white..
  • He resists.. and they begin to stab his chest deep.. and wires and oil begin to spill out.He wakes again.. Only to see that little girl standing... watching him.
  • He walks towards her.. And leads him to the lower levels of the building. Down here, alot of OCPs previous failures reside.. He sees the two protoypes..the 3 Eds... Then finally the one broken ed.... The Child looks up at robocop..
  • " Help.. my Uncle.." She replies... He looks at the broken ED.." I Cannot.." Robocop replies.. She begins to Cry...
  • She Slowly grabs his hand, and places it on the input of the ED. " The Please tell him I said Goodbye.. Robocop.. finally understands.. and interfaces with the ED once again....As he does.. He begins to get a rush of flashbacks.. of the life this girls Uncle had with his niece.. the moment the man Held his Niece after her birth, and the death of his sister.. the pain he felt. The hardships they had.. The bad choices he made.. and ultimately the moment he and others signed their lives away for experiments in exchange for money.. from men with OCP logos.
  • Robocop disengages.. The girl is gone. Before He can make sense of all of it.. The Alarm is sounded.. MP3 barges through... Tells him.. that one of Robocops Buddies is on the loose.. and shows him a feed of Cain fleeing the jail,,
  • They go on pursuit. .Robocops hallucinations are getting worse..
  • iu_14735_48551.jpg
  • They finally Corner Cain.. he has a battered Faxx in his hands.. Shes screaming for help... " Tell him" Cain demands of Faxx. "TELLLL HIIIMMMM.". Faxx Blurts everything out.. She was running espionage for the New York company, and was a Plant in OCP.. her job was to run their "conscious mimicking" software through its paces...While at the same time destroying OCP from within.. They Considered MP3 a failure and needed to Graph Murphys Consciousness. She thought Cains mind was more controllable, and graphed his instead.she was wrong, failed, and left to rot in prison.. Cain agreed that she failed. and Proceeded to Crush her head.. But that she wasn't wrong. He was obviously the Chosen one. to bring forth a new age of man. Theres an Epic 2 against one fight.. But right before Cain is put offine.. Robocop interfaces with him.. Hes no longer hardwired for self Preservation. MP3 starts to understand the error of his ways.Robocop kills himself finally.. the end.---ran out of space lol

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Here we comes...

Y E S !

5 God Damit masterpieces in a submission.

tldr. What does it say in a nutshell?

MindChamber responds:

that RoboCop is cool

A fresh robot design

Wow you made it all like a story really intense work but as always you make some great robots, some nice talents and show off your ideas and great skills A very vivid robot design here with some nice elements of detail especially some nice linework what you have here is A fresh robot design some awsome lines and well detailed elements so really nice job.

Its a masterpiece none needed


Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2019
8:43 PM EDT

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