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Sleeping with the Flying Fish


... but not for long!


Bear with me, I suck at watercolors.

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wow! looks like something out of a hayao miyazaki movie.

Unique and random

As i start this review off i can already tell this is something differant and even special in a way, So keep up the good style here as i really do like this kind of style and its always a pleasure to see stuff like this, but anywaysonto the review and stuff. So unique and random is just what i like and makes for some interesting imagination and mystery of the beholder and thats exactly what you have here, So thank you for presenting some nice art here, artistic and something random that is pretty good colors all around, unique, So this was differant and random and i really liked what you had here, nice effort nice detail and just all around a good artistic piece. And now i come to the end of the review sadly, i have enjoyed seeing this and as i look at your piece it just really gets better and better so nice efforts and keep making stuff like this and let the imagination soar.

OK so theres alot here and you could even make it better then it is, but its pretty decent as is, so i may suggest an idea or two, i do hope to see more stuff like this with more improving points, so here are a few suggestions that may or may not help, regardless good luck. So with this piece it was pretty good, i think the onlything i can offer to improve is keep up with the random and unique styles you do have, maybe throw in more random, and dont be afraid to go with some of the dark colors cause they can work too.

You sir, are the kind of person that make me proud of being an artist. Your piece of artwork will be remembered on my dreams.

What a dream.

Merol responds:

WHOLE REVIEW (kindly sent to me via PM):

"What a dream.
I want to start off by saying that the surrealism in this piece is really well done here. There is a lot going on, and it all manages to flow together really well.
The Balloon (obviously the main part of the piece) looks really good. I like the way you shaped the mouth, it has this weird shape to it that still looks like a fish mouth. The scarves also seem really out of place, yet at the same time manage to look natural as fins. Really nice touch on the surrealism there. The fire is done pretty well too and I like the way it roasts the birds. It is a really humorous touch that helps boost the piece quite a bit. I also laughed a bit at how the roasted birds have that classic look a roasted bird has in those old cartoons like Tom and Jerry.
The sleeping couple really does a nice job of completing the picture. It really says "Hey! This is a dream!" Probably the best part about them (for me anyways) is the broken tether. It just shows how unstable a dream can be. Anything can happen. You can be peaceful and oblivious, and next thing you know, you fall out of everything into a rude awakening. It just has a suspensful feel that makes you worry about the fte of the sleeping couple.
The only problem is light shading in some areas as has been pointed out already.
Overall though, good job on this piece. I think you're prettty good with watercolors.
<Review Request Club> "


Thank you very much for the lengthy review!

I honestly don't know what to say other than i'm glad you like it! Yeah, I didn't want it to be taken too seriously so i added some humorous stuff in there.
Thanks for noticing the broken tether, though i'm a little sad that no one has mentioned "The Godfather" yet. They're sleeping with the flying fish now, and soon they'll actually be sleeping with the fishes!

Sorry for the crap reply.
Thanks again!

(and no worries about the review glitch or whatever).

Reminds me a little of Dali.

I think that I am reminded of the flamboyant Spanish surrealist by the presence of a balloon spouting flame, which is usually the other way around - the hot air balloon receiving a gout of flame, to keep it inflated. The persistent look of shock or perhaps fear on the eye of the balloon is a little disturbing, though I was amused by the birds becoming completely prepared by the roasting that they receive mid-flight. What would have made me even more amused would have been a chef trying to catch them with a butterfly net on the ground below, but that's another story entirely.

I loved the way that the fishy balloon has fins made from what look like scarves, flapping in the wind, as it moves on. The broken tether is a nice touch, as is the couple sleeping, oblivious to the cold air, the blast of heat not far above and generally anything else that is going on around them - such is the power of the subconscious mind.

I loved how the detail is lavishly highlighted in the flame, with the detail that you've given to the wings, as the feathers are just about to catch light - a simple black outline representing all that it needs to be, giving a great, harsh contrast, compared with the rest of the image and the softly blended pastels.

[Review Request Club]

Merol responds:

The look on the balloon's eye looks more like a lost stare to me, as if it is clueless about what's happening. I guess that's pretty cool, that it means something different to everyone (or so).

I like your chef idea, he could have been sitting on the edge of the bed, but I made this for the Emoticon collab on the art forum, and that could have deviated the picture even more from the theme. Mi emoticon is the sleepy one.

Thanks for the review!
By the way, there are no pastels here, just watercolors and a bit of colored pecil.

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2012
4:05 PM EDT
File Info
753 x 870 px
240.5 KB

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