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Happy anniversary!


An image I made for the 65st anniversary of atomic bombs.
Eventhough it's a very cruel and sadistic weapon, the A-bomb is certainly one of man's greatest achievements ever.
Also posted this on Pixeljoint.

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For pixel art, it's incredibly impressive!
Detail like that takes a keen eye and i respect that. Neuch man.
Now.. to business.
Why is it..when someone has a stick up their arse, it always leads to the "(insert noun/adj is just like saying Hitler was (insert adverb)"
HOW freaking original.
But i digress. LET'S just say your little hippy-dippy ass was able to go back in time, and stop the A-bomb (A German Design, Swedish Theoreticals, American Adaptation, Global precursor to Atomic Energy and nearly ALL modern technology to follow in its wake. [Yes.. Splitting the atom was our technological paradigm shift.. You're welcome]) from ever being developed.
Good for you.
Let's play out that little timeline for a second, shall we?
Nagasaki and Hiroshima never see atomic fire. Good-eru.
Uh oh.. The japanese never surrendered. ..America is forced to continue the warpath to Japan. Inevitably invading the country and costing millions of lives to be lost in the crossfire. Japan surrenders after catastrophic loss of military and civilian life.
Let's go on to en years later.
It's the cold war.
The USSR and USA are at odds and war has broken out between the two powers as neither side has a fear of mutual annihilation due to the threat of nuclear war.
Welcome to WWIII
America is attacked by the soviets in cuba. America and allied forces retaliate and inevitably invade Russia.
Again, hundreds of thousands of lives are lost.
Russia.. having thrown over 30% of their Gross Domestic Profit into prospective warfare is completely economically destroyed.

The new weapons of mass destruction of choice become the popular FAEB and WPB (Fuel Air Explosive Bomb) (White Phosphorus Bomb) .. The future of warfare is bathed in burning oil and phosphorous, death for those who come into contact with the firey substances does not come quick. Phosphorous doesn't care about water or foam fire suppressants. Death by incineration would be guaranteed to be slow..and horrible with such merciless devices.

:3 Congratulations.. you've killed 4million+ people than if the a-bomb had been invented and used.
Wooo .. peace! YAH!.
...morons. THINK. I know it's hard when your head is so far up your rectum that it hasn't seen the light of day, but TRY.
Sometimes, Bad things happen so WORSE things don't.
Welcome to reality, we have t-shirts.
...and Nuclear arms.
~Evil Tim TX226


I like the art but Celebrating the A-Bomb is like calling Hitler a great leader. Hitler was a great leader, he almost led a country to world domination, he persuaded a country to genocide and racial purity. But that doesn't make him a Good leader. The Atomic bomb is a great weapon, but it killed millions.

I understand the point, and i have to agree...

But you have to be careful when you make that kind of statement. Some people are too close-minded to see what you are actually saying. It's like saying that Hitler was a great leader. Not a great person - not at all - but he was able to disrupt an entire country and convince an entire army that killing innocents was good.


It looks like a jellyfish ! <3

GREATEST achievements ever?

Nuclear energy maybe but a-bomb, no way dude.

MarioArt responds:

You can't deny that harnessing the energy inside a single atom to destroy whole cities is impressive, especially when it is done by an evolved being such as ourselves.

Next time, apart from the ethic discussion I'd like a comment on my artwork aswell. :)

Kind regards, MarioArt

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Waiting for 5 more votes

Aug 9, 2010
8:52 AM EDT
Pixel Art
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94 x 94 px
1.6 KB

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