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Hangman, Devil Man


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Another one from my series on old ballads- this one is of a song called "The Maid Freed from the Gallows", "Hanging Tree", "Prickle-Eye Bush", "Gallows Pole", etc. It's about someone about to be hanged who pleads with the executioner to wait just a little bit longer for loved ones to show up with bribes. Family member after family member shows up to watch the hanging, but only at the last verse does the sweetheart arrive to bribe the hangman for release. I chose to focus on an American variant where the protagonist is male and repentant.

Painted mostly with a touchpad mouse in Artrage. I've posted the digital file here but I prefer it printed on canvas in a small wooden frame- picture here (http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/a41e05fd677680cf9edd422972967297). Ornery modeled. Fun experiment.


great use of that paint brush :) I'm diggin the colors and your really good at a persons profile. I need to take some tips from you <3 it keep it up!

the only thing I slightly dis-like is the detail on the coat itself. other then that I like it!

At first glance, I knew who it was (met him briefly yesterday!) Some of the contrast in the shirt collar and coat (on the left, and uppermost left) looked a little untidy, but the piece as a whole is just striking, especially considering the interface used... it does look so much like actual brushstrokes!

The detailed background and perfectly rendered face, shows dedication and talent. Looks sweet framed too!

radiodark responds:

Aw, thanks for the feedback. Thinking just in terms of contrast let me notice a bunch of problems I'd sort of felt but not been able to identify, so thank you so much for mentioning it. It was great bumping into you this weekend!

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Apr 29, 2013
1:00 AM EDT
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