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Level 42


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reposting this picture with major improvements...

- Picture quality higher
- added alot more detail
- better background *to fit the theme of my other pictures*

Problems i know of:
head looks like its on her shoulder, face problems with distances and angles, the angle of the drawing is all over the place and isnt defined... *basicly... remove her head and its fine :P

this is my level 42 picture for the NEWGROUNDS LEVEL ART COLLAB... want to take part?... just head over to my page and look up *newspage two* for more infomation... :3

as always... any comments or crit you have is highly welcome to improve future works... as you can tell... still learning :P


amateurs below..

if you know about legolass, then you know about the boobs thumbnails ^^ its histrademark ^^

LegolaSS responds:

it gets the local punters in if thats what you mean :P...

fuck what the dude below me said

u get a 10/10


I actually completely disagree. The angle of the head isn't bad. the angle of the head is off, so that the mouth is a little to the left, and the eyes need to be rotated a little. However, I think tat the body is off. The left breast is too high. The leggings are highly detailed.The armor is detailed like plate metal armor, yet the cringe at waist seems like a cloth. The tails is utterly dispicable. it is a black mar on a peice of art. The style of cat woman is random, but not unwanted. The hair is not great, but there is nothng excedingly wrong. The right shoulder is odd, mainly because of the misplacment or the skin-armor boundary. The overall apperance is very sexy, and the background is a nice touch. However, the overall lack of detail, and the flamboyant displacemtn of breasts majorly detracts from the overall image.

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LegolaSS responds:

thanks for the indepth review... i can see where your comming from in most of your points... some i disagree in but overall a very usefull review... i will look into these problems in future pictures so my artwork can be improved... thanks :3


she seems dangerous and playfull,
good job, although she dosnt seem to have a firm grip on the sword...

LegolaSS responds:

at first i thought it was held to tightly at a different angle... so i tweaked it a couple more times... i was quiet happy with the result... i know what your saying but i feel that due to the size of the sword she would be able to hold it a bit more losely just resting it on her palm and pushing down with the little finger...

I have fallen for the trick...

I had to click those boobs! havent heard from you in a while! Over all I think it looks pretty cool, but If I look closely her head does seem to be a little mishapen. Whats with all the cat-girl stuff I dont get that :D

LegolaSS responds:

yeah i know the head is pritty messed up... still havent learnt from my last mistakes :S... as for the cat girl stuff... i messed up so badly on the face i failed at drawing the eyes so i gave her the mask... athough though i might as well go the whole hog and give her ears and a tail :P... thanks for the review :3

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4.17 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2009
3:16 PM EST
Fine Art
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860 x 1155 px
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