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Ms. Soli


30 seconds till the drop point


Alpha One Zero Gamma Delta Two, you are cleared for deployment, 20 seconds till the drop


Turning her wrist inward, she stared at the data.


Briefly, what we know is that the small force has made their way into the lobby for the Main building. You have 3 minutes to take them out before they get to the test facility, and we extract you.


The bay doors began to open. 5 seconds....4....3....2...1......

She couldn't hear anything as she dove through the air, not even the rush of air past her face, as the rain drummed heavily on her back. Like a bullet train, she shot through the air, approaching the headquarters at terminal velocity.

"1200 meters......800 meters...." Suddenly she opened her arms and a wide retractable parachute erupted from under arms. Slowing herself enough to hit the roof, she rolled into a perfect form. She tapped the inside of her palm with her right hand, and quickly headed through the maintenance shaft into the center of the building.

Tapping the inside of her left palm with her left fingers, she instantly became silent, and she began to crawl, and crouch her way to the front entrance, where 40 men armed to the teeth stood. "NO MORE TESTS! WE DEMAND TO SEE THE SUBJECTS!" A man in the front, shook his assault rifle at the group of scientists and employees, as they winced. 

"Dragon One this is Alpha One Zero Gamma Delta Two. I have eyes on the forty individuals. There are scientists here. How do you wish for me to proceed?"

"Alpha One Zero Gamma Delta Two, we copy. Clearance is 0, use any force necessary."

"Dragon One copy. Kill the lights!"

As soon as darkness came upon the facility, Susanne was in her home. A flurry of flashes, guns began to go off, but it was over before it began. The lights kicked back on. Blood, blood everywhere. The forty soldiers were decimated, parts everywhere, blood stained the walls and floors. Susanne looked at her hands...clean, as always, she shook the blood from her blades before sheathing back into the side of her suit. A scientist crawled to her. "T-thank you..." 

"Don't thank me," picking up one of the rifles, she put a few bullets into him. Tossing the gun aside, she nabbed his badge and headed into the service elevator. Travelling a few hundred floors down, the doors opened. The air was cooler, and she entered the biodome. Tapping the badge on the door, she walked forward through a long hallway, before finding what she had sought. "Dragon One? I have it, I have the target." Inside a small containment cell sat a very large looking humanoid creature. Black from head to tip of tail, long snout with large jaw, it's chest heaved slowly, deep in sleep. Wings tipped with black claws. 

"I have the Black Dragon."


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Sep 14, 2019
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