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Waldemar the Winchman


Click-WHrrrrrrr! Look out foes! It's Waldemar the Winchman!

Winchmen are sentient, mechanical warriors. Haphazardly hammered together with magic and clockwork, their bodies can take a licking and keep on ticking. With their giant spool of rope on their backs they can fence from afar and have been known to take down their enemies across rivers and even up in the air atop flying contraptions! Once the body is put together by the most devious tinkers and cunning spell-crafters, you usually need to find a decent ghost to haunt the clockwork body and help with the rope-poltergiesting and winch engine.

Waldemar was originally a sell-sword who was bested by a Winchman when it's long range sword slash came through the window of his 18th floor apartment and brutally cut his head off while he was in the shower. Filled with a great annoyance, Waldemar's ghost angrily followed the assailant back to the factory and haunted it for a while. Before long he was crammed into a Winchman body of his own due to a sever shortage of decent ghosts and a shipping error. He's alright with his second lease on life and has taken to the intricate art of far-slaying like a fish to water!

So watch out! or don't bother because he can slice you from really far away!

-jouste the drawbarian

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This is Just Awesome!! =D

jouste responds:

hooray! glad you like this goofy guy!


Lol this is cool as hell

jouste responds:

hey thanks a bunch! glad you like him!


He'd make a kick ass boss in a videogame

jouste responds:

Hey he totally would!

thanks for the comment!


Brilliant character design, very imaginative. Needs some spurs on his boots and smoke coming off his cigar (maybe some oil spots on the rope, not sure). Congrats on frontpage, your signature style is refreshing!

Minus half a point for a bland background. You make these wacky designs pop and then lay them over such a boring backdrop, tis a crime! Looking forward to more artwork from you mate. (Also heard you're lending a hand on the Chibi Knight 2 project, hows that going for you thus far?)


jouste responds:

Hey thanks for the comments!

honestly about the background stuff, it just takes up so much extra time and I like jsut getting the character out there. I should start doing comics just to get my ass busy on some backgrounds.

I've only really done the title image for chibi-knight 2. some mount designs were done so long ago I almost forgot about them haha. But Nick is awesome and it's great getting a chance to work with him again.


Waldemar the Winchman is no match against citizen snips the scissor hands!

Good art, good design.

jouste responds:

Citizen Sniiiiiiiiips!

thanks pal! glad you like him!


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Aug 4, 2013
2:34 AM EDT
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