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so i don't do too much fan art pieces but i've been playing a lot of league of legends lately and i just had to draw my favorite champion. here's that tanky monster dr. mundo! this beast is a cleaver-hurling berserker that can cause a huge ruckus on the battle field. if anyone has played DotA then they know how addictive and fun the gameplay is, it's one of those games that is so awesome to win and so painful to lose. team based strategy with a pile of fun dudes to pick from.

i really wish i had a chance to work with the guys at riot to develop all their characters. they just keep coming out with character after character without a hint of slowing down.

so anyways here's a piece i did up to start working on my coloring a little more, i had a lot of fun taking their character to another level.



i never played dr.mundo but i love the way he looks...idk if youve done a shen pic,but
that would be awesome...keep up the good work dude


jouste responds:

holy crap! what a highfive!

and i did draw shen, but it was only a quick sketch for my daily highfive.

*this highfive is so powerful it's continued in the next episode!*

I love your art

and I'll love it more if you draw a Corki ^^

jouste responds:

haha man i rarely see corki's anymore. i sure love killing him though!

thanks for the highscore!


You just love good 10's!

Ha, just browsing through your (excellent) art, cant help but be drawn to these, love it. Do you do it all hand-drawn, or do you use a program? Would love to know, usually I hand draw, but these look pretty interesting so if you use a program I wuld like to try it out!!

jouste responds:

these are all done with a wacom cintique 12wx. *the smaller cintique) i do my lines in sketchbook pro and my colors in photoshop.

glad you've been liking the pictures! thanks for the 10!


Thanks for drawing these guys

I used to love playing DoTa, and when I heard about LoL in the making I was super excited, but I forgot about it until I saw your fan-art on the frontpage. So, thanks for reminding me about it. I now know what I'm going to be spending most of my spring break playing.
and you should really try to work with Riot.
Have you tried getting in touch with them at all?

jouste responds:

i'm going to try and get in touch with them, i've been posting up on thier boards and stuff and getting some replies from their staff but its hard cause i'm a canuck and a lot of places wouldn't bother going through the hassle of hiring a canadian :{

thanks for the vote of confidence though! cool to hear you're gonna be playing, be sure to kick some ass for me! :D


He looks like a purple Hulk... Pulk?

When I saw Dr Mundo at the LoL site I didn't find he cool. He looked a bit... Common. But the way you drew he made it different. He's super awesome to me now. Good job at the coloring. His cleavers are pretty cool, though.
ps: Is he addicted or something? Look at the syrings at his back!

jouste responds:

i'm really glad you said that.

i actually felt the exact same way when i saw him for the first time. but then after playing him i wanted to draw him up with a little more detail. and the syringes in his back are from experimenting on himself! D:

the original design only has one syringe but i wanted to add more :D


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