captain saicin


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ouch! who's that pepper powered pugilist?

why it's none other than captain saicin: soldier of spice!

here we see him decked out in his herb slinging battle gear, ready to douse the field with his searing smoke and peppery mists of scorching spices! on his belt and back you can plainly see the ripened custavo doom chilies; the hottest pepper ever experienced in the galaxy (there may be hotter peppers out there but discovering them without being destroyed would likely be impossible.

captain saicin commands a squad of spice soldiers into the most dangerous of missions and has many a harrowing tale to tell! on his right arm is a cutomized peppershot device that deploys a concentrated blast of screaming hotness that melts through armor and flesh alike!

so watch out everyone! this cyclopean customer is on one spicy mission!

-jouste the drawbarian


Hot art!

And once again that's our Jouste! Showing how much food, war and fantasy can mix in delicious madpots of funny tastyness!
Great idea there!

jouste responds:

haha awesome!

glad you dig union of food and fighting!



amazed PERIOD.

jouste responds:


glad you dig it man!


Oh man this is great!

But instead of a sword wouldnt make more sense for it to be a hammer? You know to smash the pepperness into thy enemies ! I wish i could upload my art like you to newgrounds. But i dont have the technology to do it (I dont even have my own computer yet!). So its good to see some one else be able to share their wonderful art.

jouste responds:

no computer and yet you post!

thanks for the comment! although a hammer would be nice, think of how well a thin slice of pepper would fly through the air!

good luck with your art and i hope you can get your stuff out online soon!


his eye

his eye needs some protection from backfire

jouste responds:

yeah a couple people have mentioned that idea. i think it's great! a mono-goggle would look hilarious and be quite functional!

thanks for the suggestion and highscore!



creative art!

jouste responds:

hey thanks a bunch! glad you like it ;D


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Jan 2, 2011
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