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Heart of Autumn


Oh god this took a lot of time to make. I spent 3 weeks procrastinating and 9 hours of that time actually Painting. Acrylic on 16x 20 Canvas

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What can I say? This piece really does capture the essence of an autumnal afternoon. The way that the clouds over the mountaintops contrast so spectacularly is fantastic and the shades of blue in the sky are displayed so well.

The difficulty that you experienced with the reflection could have been made a little "soft-focus", by adding some more ripple effects to the water's surface. From there, I would say that you could be symbolising an autumnal breeze, across the surface of the pond or lake. Perhaps some vegetation there would help as well?

Finally, looking at the trees, it would appear that you've drawn conifers, which are brilliant with one exception - they are evergreen, thus don't have the colours change and the leaves drop off... If I'm wrong, brilliant, but if not, it's just a casual observation that might cause a little consternation.

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A very good painting! I really like this.
The colours are chosen very well and I like how you used them. The bottom of the picture is dominated by a red colouring, in the left side has mostly green in it, while the right and the middle are mostly yellow(ish).
This looks very good to me and creates a very nice scenery.

I also like the reflection on the water, but I think you should've tried to work some "waves" or some "movement" into the water. A pond as smooth as glass is a very rare sight and it makes it a bit harder to notice that there is a pond in the middle of the painting.

Anyway, this is about the only downside I could find here. Great painting! :)

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Nice and peaceful

Hey Joshsouza,

I would just like to say first of all: this painting is great. It really depicts a peaceful scenery. The reflection in the water is accurate, and brings along with it a peace inside. The variety of textures that you paint with is very wide and broad.

I look at this painting and I immediately feel a sense of peace. I know I've already said this word "peace" three times already, but I'll keep on saying it. The depth of the bushes in front, to the water, to the trees beyond, to the mountains far yonder, and the clouds, just portrays a real depth of a true scenery.

I like acrylic. It has a real "antique" feeling about it, the thickness and vibrancy of the colours. It is different to digital art because it has that realness that digital can never encompass. The reflection in the water adds to the already peaceful atmosphere, a sense of stillness.

--Wow Factor--
This has a real X-factor, that of peace and a real sense of calm. I would like to have a picture like this on my wall, just one of scenery and the blessed peace that comes from admiring creation. (And it's OK if you're evolutionist it's still exquisite :P)

--Personal Tilt--
So you already know that I love this painting, what else is there to say? A sense of peace is conveyed through scenery more than any other type of painting, I believe. You have portrayed this well and I love it. Thanks for sharing.

--Production-- = 18/20
--Experience-- = 17/20
--Style-- = 18/20
--Wow Factor-- = 18/20
--Personal Tilt-- = 17/20





This has a very peaceful look to it and looks like it has hand painted actually. Almost like something you would see in a museum somewhere actually. The colors seem to compliment each other as well. The trees and red leaves look quite nice around the river/pond as well.

I would just have to say though that this is simply a beautiful peace of work. Good luck on future art that you create.

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Ha dude,

Last time I saw you, you were drawing like a whale or something, and this is legitimately 100X better than that XD

Joshsouza responds:

Lol thanks man.

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Jan 30, 2011
8:37 PM EST
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