In This Twilight


This is a portrait that I drew of my friend Tehra Blackcinder who has been having nightmares lately.

This isn't the first time I've drawn this, but I think this is the best I've ever made it look. I actually lay awake at night thinking about this and trying to change it so it looked the way it did in my head.

It's a weird feeling when you're trying to draw something that isn't there, something that nobody else can see.

I think I am happy with this.

I hope other people like it too.

Edit (8-14-16): Hey, this got 1,000 views! That's pretty good considering the last time I posted something was four years ago.

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that thing in the background looks like a menos grande from bleach lol and the mask on coils of wires seem familiar too, but anyways very interesting, creepy, and evocative of nostalgia for some reason

johnnycancer responds:

This might sound like I'm being defensive, but while I see the resemblance to the Menos Grande, I'd never actually seen that character until you mentioned it and I decided to Google it. You could also say that it bears a resemblance to No-Face in Spirited Away, although it's not based on that either. I think that both those designs have a basis in something more primal, shadows and ghosts, which are things that human beings have feared for a long time which is why you see that design repeated over and over again.

The design of the thing in the background (called The Ruiner, incidentally) has its origins in some weird stuff. Initially, it's something that came to mind while listening to Nine Inch Nails, specifically, "The Ruiner" and "Hurt," with some basis in the lyrics but largely just based on the emotional resonance of those songs. In terms of what it actually is, think of the stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure; it's essentially a spirit that's connected to a person and can physically manifest itself. Stylistically, I think I probably took some inspiration from Don Kenn's work as he likes to draw these monsters that are shadowy but have these white faces.

The masks on coils are inspired by H.R. Giger and the work of RS. Connett, although they probably also owe an equal amount of inspiration to the Shy Guys from Super Mario Bros. 2 (no, really, I love those little guys).

I am glad that the words you used to describe it were "creepy" and "evocative of nostalgia." What I have tried to do with the visual style is to try and make it look like something that could be a fragment of a cartoon or a comic book that you saw a brief glimpse of when you were a kid, that you barely remember and aren't even sure was real. And it is creepy; it's about these things that we hold at bay, that are just out of sight, but they're always there. Always.

It's good man! I like the nightmarish feel from the art you have drawn.

johnnycancer responds:

Thanks! I wanted it to have a dreamy quality to it and while it's not a scary image, I think there's some creepiness to it that's a bit unsettling when you look at it.

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