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Octobit Day5: Too many eyes


That feeling of anxiety when there are too many eyes watching you.

I get this feeling more and more lately thanks to social media anxiety, I guess it's inevitable when you are growing an audience. The more people see your work, the more pressure an artist feels every time they post an artwork. Is this good enough? is this relevant? is this interesting? what if I made a mistake and didn't notice it? What if I say something without thinking and every follower is going to see it and interpret it as something bad?

Just a small portion of thoughts that happen inside my head. I know it's irrational thinking and I've never read a super negative comment on any of my artworks. But anxiety can't be explained logically.

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This is exactly how I feel about everything, but especially how I write.

This isn’t exactly a bad feeling and I want to say I’m here to help you if you need it.

I know it’s a commun thing for some artists to think like this. But please turn it the other way around if you can. You are not working for them. Your place in the world is not to satisfy the viewers when they snap their fingers.
This is YOUR art. This is how YOU have fun. If they don’t like the smell in the bakery, they can just leave.

Be proud of who you are and what you make. Be you.

I wouldn't worry too much. I feel more pressure for I put on myself for people I oathed to complete my game Thorne for, than anything else.
In the end of the day, so long as you keep up the quality you do now, people won't be disappointed in you. You're doing more than good enough, you're doing great.
As for relevant, well people don't just follow artists because they're chasing trends, they follow an artist because their works are appealing and interesting. Like this piece her you made, I appreciate because it's a very personal piece you've made here. One that shows your fears and worries in a very human way. Maybe I should upload one of my own as a token of that humanity being shown. EDIT: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/tanktheta/your-time-means-nothing I actually did just now, it's good to send out a piece from a personal place.

Also don't worry about saying something "bad". I mouth off like an idiot all the time, just one look at my twitter shows that. It's better to make mistakes and not have the worry of making mistakes drag you down. So long as you don't shit on your audience or try to smash criticism I think you'll be fine.
Anyway, thanks for sharing this one. Personal pieces from the heart can be hard to share, but they're meaningful. And this one was.

Ioruko responds:

Thanks for your input and comforting words! I hope for the best for both of us!

I say it's a very normal feeling shared by aloooooot of people.
And no amount of telling you your art is good or bad would alleviate anxiety WHEN you are feeling anxious^^ "What if people say nice things to me just to cheer me up but its not good?aaaAAAAaaaaH" Hop in Rumination Express next stop nowhere^^

Keep doing your thing without a care in the world and consider people liking it a happy collateral damage^^.

And for what its worth your color palette choice is getting better and better imho.

Ioruko responds:

Thank you for the reassurance!

Credits & Info

4.59 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2020
12:34 PM EDT
Pixel Art

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