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hello i drew this to show my inner anguish it is an abstract anti-totalitarian ironic satirical farce of fascism dictators and oppression and a commentary on existentialism in our society
this is poetry, this is art what is art? this is art. you cannot define art but if art could be defined this would be art i am 12 years old but i feel that i have lived a long and difficult life with many hardships in my rural suburbs in new hampshire where everyone is just a sheep tool who serves the man and nobody really understands me i am the only one of my kind and must share my visions with the world i drew this in about 2 minutes but it contains my life story and deepest philosophical viewpoints i hope you like it i spent a lot of efforts on making this stuff thank you

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so breathtaking i died laughing at the comments


this is a raid

that is all, carry on.

GiantDouche responds:

I do not appreciate you raiding my artwork newgrounds is meant to be a wholesome community that follows a very clear set of rules and guidelines to keep this website both fun and enjoyable for all age groups to a certain degree and the above review is a direct violation of aforementioned rules and guidelines therefore I feel it is my civic duty as a member of the newgrounds community that I must flag this review and hope it is dealt with the proper authorities thank you and I hope that you understand why I must do this


The f is not capitalized. Does that mean that SEL is an acronym, perhaps? And the f is some kind of modifier? Or maybe the Lf are one thing. Hmmm. I shall get my men to research this at once!

GiantDouche responds:

or maybe i just have shit penmanship NOBODY KNOWS THAT'S HOW DEEP IT IS

This is really deep.

I can really feel the pain in this piece. It's simplistic, but still has enough character to be eye-catching. I love the use of red, I really do feel like you captured the anguish. That the word self is not centered in the piece goes even further to capture the heartbreak. I feel very moved by this piece. Are there more in the series? It touched me in my soul, I can relate so much. Thank you. thank you for showing this to the world.

GiantDouche responds:

you think you get it but you really don't only i really get the true meaning and potential of this artwork it is a window into my battered and broken soul you know when i'm staying up late from insomnia at 11 pm listening to nine inch nails and cutting myself with my mom's razor and drowning my sorrows in my mom's wine coolers that i totally stole from her all i can think about is how much my life sucks and how much nobody understands me and nobody ever will understand me and i cry all over my keyboard while writing poetry. you can't relate to me nobody can i am so unique and such a genius brilliant individual that nobody will ever come close to understanding me or my work thank you for taking the time to write your review but i just want to say that i am smarter than you and you don't understand my work it is so deep that even i don't understand it you are a singleminded war mongering bigot please leave my comments thank you.

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Aug 20, 2010
3:09 PM EDT
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