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Once there was a monk so peaceful, righteous and just that the gods bestowed an enormous power unto him. Descending like a lightning infront of the monk. Once the smoke clears, The monk sees 2 magical golden axes.One much more bigger than the other. The monk wielded the two axes and he can feel the overwhelming power radiating from it. The monk tried to swing the big axe and a burst of massive shockwave came out and split the mountain in two. The monk is completely shocked of how powerful it is,He then tried to swing the other axe but it felt like a regular axe but it's very light... light as a feather. Then the monk noticed something, he saw a butterfly flying so slow, that he can catch it easily. He's confused on what is happening but then he realized... He can move really really fast... He used the axes for good and saved a lot of lives but old age caught up to the monk.
The monk made sure that the axe will never be found because of the enormous power, he didn't want the axes to fall into the wrong hands, so he went to the deepest part of the jungle buried it and meditate under it for 500 years...
After 500 years the monk woke up, and there's an overwhelming amount of light. After his eyes adjusted he saw his left arm and right leg wrapped around in metal, the monk's confused of what's happening and why he's still alive. It turns out that there's a group of archaelogist that discovered the monk along with the legendary axes and they preserved him long enough to discover how to revive him. The deterioration in his left arm and right leg is so severe that they can't save it so they replaced it with a bionic arm and leg.
So the legends are true... The Legendary axes and the monk is real... Only thing left to do is wait...

WIP link : http://bbsimg.ngfiles.com/14/25996000/ngbbs58833c095ef81.jpg


This definitely has a great art style, as well as it is combined with a very interesting story, bravo. I especially love the way you have made the electricity!

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I like the art style and story! Really cool! Checkout mine too.

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Jan 21, 2017
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