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This is a FURRY and if you find that offensive I would suggest you just leave now. I would very much appreciate that if you choose to review please don't down rate because you don't like this form of art. There are tags for a reason and I make use of them to only bring in people would are interested in this type of art, if you're not one of them I don't know how to stumbled upon it as i even make my previews point out that it is a furry.

I Really like this girl, she;s a tiger as you could of guessed by the stripes and boy does she have an ass! I don't know about you guys but big strong thighs are hot for me. The boobs seam a bit big, I don't know. Well enjoy! again I'm new at this and could use any tips/advice I can get, thanks!


fuck yeah

i love those big titties



Although I like these pics because I dont have to spend a lot of time on the review.

You see, this is bad. I know you want more detailed criticsm, but here's the thing sweetheart, its all bad. It would be like criticizing a simple line. There nothing I can say that is'nt already painfully obvious to anyone with a decent sense of taste. Every element that can go into piece is wrong here. The anatomy, the perspective, the piss poor attempt at putting in a bit of shading, the tail which is sticking out of her friggen head, your lazy ass attempt at tiger stripes, its all terrible. The very fact that you thought you should post this on the internet speaks volumes off your attitude towards art.

I dont need to go into detail, because if you cant even see why this piece is terrible, then it shows just how badly you need to do some actual damn studying before you even dare to show any more of your "art."

you know

I draw in a very similar way, I tend to sketch rather than firmly draw my pictures, this usually leads to me screwing up the proportions of my characters by focusing to much on one detail rather than the other ^^;
though I can tell the exaggerated hourglass shape was on purpose, gotta say, its some how erotic, just throwing that out there, that and y'know...furries...XD
so yeah, overall, good work, I like it.

Terrible overall.

Your anatomy needs an incredible amount of work.

Starting with the basics.

You failed to close the line at the top of the head, so it bleeds right into the tail.

The calves come off at seperate angles, which is physically impossible.
One calf even starts under the line, meaning the leg somehow started forming mid thigh.

You drew the breasts incredibly unshapely and rough, showing multiple juts that shouldn't be there for a smooth shape, such a breast.

The line work on the right ear some how meets up with what I'm assuming is the hair line behind the head causing it to look flat, and misshap
en compared to the other ear. I'm talking about the one with earrings.

Your shoulders are of two different sizes.

You didn't bother to account for a back on the character. Your use of extreme foreshortening has in fact cut this character's back side out completely.

The angle of the head versus where her hair fails over also kills her left cheek bone, meaning her head is deformed.

It doesn't look like you bothered to do much of a rough layout over all with the character, and I would strongly recommend you get the basic structure and anatomy of a character down before diving into the full drawing.

I would also recommend investing in a french curve, and lighter pencils so you have an easier time erasing.

You may also wish for shadows to use a shading stub, instead of just scrawling lines under the character, and drawing a line around the outline. It'll look a lot better overall.

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FrauPusie responds:

Thanks much for taking the time really write out a real critique. As for anatomy I am very inexperienced and am still learn and your review does point out many issues that I will try to adress in later pieces. As for this piece specifictly I made out of the spur of the moment and was thinking extreme which can accout for the multiple errors. Thanks much and please take time to look over my other pieces when you can. :)


i wouldnt mind getting pounced by that. :3

FrauPusie responds:

Thanks much, neither would I! :3

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