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Belladonna the Brownie

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Apr 16, 2016 | 4:13 AM EDT
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This is a drawing made for one of my good friends who is a player in a Pathfinder RPG Homebrew game I'm running with a small group. Belladonna is a brownie witch from a bizarre fey society that desires to mimic a nearby human settlement. They suffer from a bizarre mania/culture shock situation and often get their facts mixed up due to a fumbling eagerness to "get things right" as quickly as possible.

Belladonna judges everyone she meets based solely on the condition of their teeth, keeping an obsessive dental journal about her interactions with everyone. Her desire is to spread the word about good dental hygiene.

I love the character concept, but hated the image my player selected to represent her character (the thought of having to look at the insanely creepy picture she supplied me over the next few months gave me the jibblies... trust me). She was (thankfully) excited to see the results of my compromise... a gift I'm relieved she prefers!

My friend even let me use artistic license to add freckles. I've always wanted to draw a character with tons of freckles! It made me happy, though drawing that many dots also just about drove me nuts (in a good way).



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brownies are also known as borrowers right? I like how you went for a sort of visually uncanny appearance, to create a greater range of perceived emotion.

FlamingPlatypus responds:

Thanks! Brownies are the closest thing to borrowers that Pathfinder has. They're knee-high and more like house spirits than little people. Where a borrower takes things that won't be missed, a brownie does chores when it takes and people usually leave out food and drink for them when they know a brownie is living in their home so it feels welcome and appreciated.

But for my homebrew game, yes... I made them more like borrowers. In fact, they even have an organization known as the Borrowers' Society.