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ButterChu Character Design Sheet (Pikachu+Butterfree)


I don't know much about Pokemon so I scrolled through the Pokemon list and came up with Butterchu! A cross between Butterfree and Pikachu.

I figured since it's about a character's design, I'd do a character design sheet.

It's all the same character and it's the same design just at different angles. So this is one character and one design. - I just want to clarify that because I know it said not to do multiple characters or designs.

Here's the process video: https://youtu.be/GNF7_8NvtEc

Done in GIMP, started with sketches on paper and ended on paper.


P.S. The purple is because butterfree is purple and I wanted to mesh the two color schemes together.

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I think the design is boring (to me it looks like pikachu with wings antennas and strips)
Colours look like they were picked from the pokemons without making them work together

FactoidFirefly responds:

Didn't quiet get the intent properly but your opinion is appreciated.
Thanks! :D

Personally, I like the mashup of colors. It isn't pikachu anymore to have black stripes, it's butterchu xD

FactoidFirefly responds:

Yes! Exactly! Thank you so much. :D

excellent concept and i like how i see all sides of butterchu. the colour is bright and cheerful just like the pokemon you chose. well done

FactoidFirefly responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it. :D

Bright yellow against sky blue is murder on the eyes, reading the top right text gave me a headache, so I'm already hating this, thankfully the Butterchu was cute enough to make the pain go away. However the color scheme felt wrong, pikachu needs black stripes not purple, he's to iconic to have a well received design change, its like making Mario orange or Sonic green, its just wrong.

If you ever choose to make another pokemon cross try and pick some that aren't considered beloved, not the main pokemon from the anime or one of the starters from the games.

FactoidFirefly responds:

Thank you for the review!
Hmm...I find it odd that you see the colors differently. It's not sky blue..at least not on my monitor, it's more of a muted teal....again on my monitor. :O...I think your monitor is over saturated.

I made purple stripes as part of the design because butterfree from the images I saw was purple and I wanted to incorporate more of that in the design. I never played pokemon or watched anything from it so I just drew what I thought was cute.

I hope I haven't offended anyone with this, but for me it's just a character who looks kinda cute I have no emotional attachment to him so I really have no way of knowing what "others" will think about it...hopefully Jazza likes it kinda...maybe..

Thank you. :3

I love this! The purple on yellow doesn't look good too me but everything else is excellent.

FactoidFirefly responds:

Thank you!
I put the purple because butterfree is purple and I wanted to incorporate that in to the design.

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2.90 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2016
9:56 PM EDT
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2000 x 865 px
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