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rEmEmbEr who you ArE


I just wanted to tell you a few things. They are pretty important. Everyone thinks it, but they aren't man enough to say it. Krinkels, you movies SUCK!!!!!! Yeah, I said it. It's true! You sucked in the NG styled art collab. You suck all the time. I'm surprised you have a wife. You are so damn gay. Gay motherfucker! Madness is boring and shouldn't be allowed on newgrounds. Madness Interactive was the worst game every, yeah, who would want to play as a character from a crappy, pointless, and lame series? NOT ME! Everyone thinks that madness is SHIT, they're not lying. You sucked in the rectangle and oval collaboration movie. You act so full of yourself, when you have no reason. Bitch. Madness 9 was the worst movie ever, I saw spam wayyyyyy better than that. Seriously. YOU SUCK! I want you to burn! Madness is dead. BURN IN HELL! Madness is lame! Krinkels.net is for homosexuals, who would want to see a picture of you. I bet your mom made that site for you. You are a fucking homo. Fuck you bitch. I wish everyone could tell you how they really feel about madness combat. We know that they can't........But I can!!! FUCK YOU! Newgrounds doesn't need your damn madness. I can sleep at night knowing that this pm could ruin you life and/or reputation. I can sleep soundly knowing that. You suck. You stupid Fuck! FUCK YOU! Madness 9? What the hell were you thinking? We didn't want madness combat 1. We didn't want breadman, the death of breadman, or the return of breadman! Why? BECAUSE IT WAS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Krinkels you suck! I didn't write this to mess with you, I wrote this to tell you what everyone is thinking. What the hell kind of name is "KRINKELS"? Even officialdude is better than that.

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Nice art, but Madness Interactive is the best game and you can't argue to that.

also why would you draw this when you hate the Madness series, it doesn't makes sense.

how do i draw art on here dude

i dont understand

good art, bad desc

why it wasn't good is because it was extremely old and his animations im sorry HE STARTED THE SERIES so why did you "waste" your time drawing this for a game you hate and people might like the sound of it but not anymore no madness fan wants you in this world and all the madness fans like krinkels and dont need your go die everyone and it fit perfectly and krinkels.net ARENT FO HOMOSEXAULS and no his mom didnt making a site COSTS MONEY idiot and dont talk like this to madness fans EVER AGAIN go die in a fire

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4.68 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2020
6:58 PM EDT
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3100 x 2800 px
5.1 MB

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