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IT TOOK SO LONG @_@...20 hours...

Scanned it and edited on photoshop...And did it without any tablet so tell me if it sucks pls...
I was inspired to draw this bec. of WAVECHAN...^^and also i'm a big KH fan...so i hope u like it^^

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I <3 Roxas and Ventus, very good team ^.^ awesome drawing, I love it. It must have taken you a lot of time, it looks very good

This isnt 3D

I don't see how this is 3D art, correct me if I am wrong but 3D as in three dimensional like 3D models are supposed to be in this category. If you put this in simply because of the perspective...I just don't know what to say.

Just the nobody of a a spiky-haired hero...

The water is great, the colors are realistic yet Kingdom Hearts-esque, if that makes sense...
The sand is great, the different layers and and shades are incredible. I've only noticed one thing, the black line on the horizon, reaching the top of the sand, is actually slightly above the sand, and I assume that is intentional, because it really looks awesome.
The shadow is an exact copy of Roxas, no problems with scaling or perspective. The hairs in the back of his head don't have as many black lines in the front, which I think makes it look kind of off balance.
The torso seems a tiny bit smaller than it should be, but that also adds to the appeal of the realistic yet Kindgom Hearts-esque (I have no idea why I keep saying that) but, uh... yeah.
The forearm of the arm holding the pearl seems a little bit too thick, and the shoes should probably be causing a disturbance in the sand.
Over all, I thinks it's a great drawing, and really is a great addition to Newgrounds and Kingdom Hearts. Good job.

CurlyWeirdo responds:



Like it alot, you took your time, but you should have added more of a concept, the background was missing alot, and this is not bad at all, you did take your time on this but you should have observed it and see what was missing, Roxas is a unique character from Kingdom Hearts and you drew him well, I liked the hair and the hands got out of shape but dont worry your gettin a good review, so you should improve and put a new design with more background.

CurlyWeirdo responds:

Thanks man...^^

Good try :)

I like how you managed to get all the details in the drawing. You can definitely tell it's Roxas without any question. I can totally tell you spent a lot of time on this picture, which is great because it shows you have patience.

I kind of wish the background showed as much detail as Roxas does though. The water looks great for a first try. :) Try adding more colors, maybe add a few more clouds?

CurlyWeirdo responds:

Thanks ^^ I think the cloud is the the hardest part cause cant imagine it...-______-"

I should have made it *BACKROUND-LESS* if there's such a word...now it's a word...

My Other Artworks all got a 10 except for this one....I'll try my best harder when I'm gonna bye a tablet...

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

May 5, 2011
3:24 AM EDT
3D Art
File Info
1500 x 1688 px
865.2 KB

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