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Friday Flood: Black Cat


For Flood the Portal Fridays #1!

Theme is 'Black Cat' so I drew an evil Lion-o from Thundercats.

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hahaha, this is great.
you can really see the effort you put into this.
and it payed off. the only points which stand out for me to improve are:
the blood running from the decapitated head look like worms :3
and the shadow is maybe a little too solid around the edges.
very good entry :)

I lold

most things has already been pointed out, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway!
I believe the perspective is a bit off. I'm looking at the area just below his right shoulder.
Also I don't know whats up with the hair, perhaps its just me not getting a reference, but it looks unbalanced too me.

Other than that I don't get the material of his clothes/armor. I sorta think its metal because thats what his shoe tells me, but on the torso the speculation is too dull.

Also the cat doesn't really fit in the style of the rest, but I suppose its better than just having the icon hanging around randomly

With all this in mind though, I would like to say you did a great job, and lifted the average quality of the flood by a notch
Happy friday flood!

Snarf this, you bastard!

Great picture, Saurus, and I can honestly say that I really did, in every way shape and form, "lol" when I saw the decapitated Snarf. Mind you, I only really know the mascot fellow from Robot Chicken, so I'm used to him being brutally murdered in one way or another.

Anyway, great little chibi and a unique take on the theme of the black cat. There is a lot of good in this picture - everything from the awesome shading to the way how you even took the time to give the lil' icon a body, which I'm sure he'd appreciate - especially since it suits him perfectly. Great detail on the lineart, it really sets the pace for the shading, and overall it's a picture of glee.

However, there are a few things that could be improved. The background could have been prepped up with a few props to help set the scene, and the shading on the blood pool look way off - it really does look as if it's floating, which doesn't really help the tone of the picture. That and the facial expression is a weak try at being powerful in it's expressiveness - he doesn't look angry, or sad, or even frustrated, more like one of those middle-aged accountants that get you giggling at their own geekiness.

But it's a great picture, Saurus, and I had fun reviewing it.

AwesomeSaurus responds:

Damn I appreciate that, very good review Lintire! I'll definitely take some of those things into account in my work in the future. Background i know is weak (being nothing XD) maybe what I should do is focus on a setting and then putting the character within it, instead of just working with the character first!

Happy Friday Flood

Lol Aweso you sure know how to put up such a funny presentation on series xD. I don't find much problem other then maybe the facial structure a little and maybe a lack of an aura or fitting background for the character. Other then that, coloring is great and a chubby kat on the side looks cute and funny looking lmao.

AwesomeSaurus responds:

UGH! I wish I thought of an aura around him, that woulda been sweet! And yeah after the fact I went and flipped it horizontally and my god that right eye (his left) is so freaking skewed it makes me sick. Still so much to learn, but this was fun right?! :) Thanks for the review, Zane!

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4.74 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2010
8:02 PM EDT
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817 x 993 px
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