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Lava Stalker


Monster concept.

Edit: Thank you for the Front Page!

Here is the story behind this one: Lava Stalkers are the distance decedents of Devil Frogs that roam the volcanic wastes, they have thick skin which allows them to withstand the high temperatures when they hunker down between lava flows. The crest on their heads is made of muscle and cartilage and they use it to lure animals searching for vegetation while they are hiding. These creatures can grow quite large and will readily hunt humans down, dragging them into open pools of lava to quickly char them before devouring. Their Jaws are capable of opening large enough to swallow most smaller prey whole. This particular specimen is a female which grows to be much larger then their male counterparts and can be easily identified by the three part crest and bone plates lining her back while males are much smaller with a single much longer lure growing out of their heads and quills on their back instead of bone plates.

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Solid job on this mate.


this is really badass

It is just amazing

I agree with Snailsnip.
Having that said, I see how this creature can actually exist rather than be fiction or be an exaggeration of telltales.
Bears, for instance, do not actually look as dangerous as they are.
If they were not dangerous at all, people would actually like to cuddle them (easy example: panda).
In such circumstances, this lava stalker would actually be very dreadful.
However, when it comes to art like this, illustrations, paintings, drawings etc, nowadays the background to a situation is left out while people want to see the picture speaking for itself (comics, mangas,...). I don't know if you want to break with conventions, I can see that you put some thought to this illustration. And the more I look at it, the more I like it.
So putting this into a story would be beneficial to it in such a way, that it is totally plausible and dreadful (i.e. "perfect").
So, nice style, keep up the good work!

Artist-Lost responds:

You are right on, I tried to be as realistic with this as possible, and developed it from the bones up. The male is smaller and even cuter, I may have to post my study sheets. Anyhow I decided to post up the description for it in the edit.

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Aug 11, 2020
12:36 AM EDT
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