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Challenge of the month- Rogue Star


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Nov 19, 2015 | 9:19 AM EST
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Author Comments

This is my entry for Jazza's challenge of the month, November 2015.

<Presentation of my entry>
If you're uninterested in that you can stop reading right now. It's going to be a quite extensive report. You've been warned. :-)

So the first character on the poster is the largest. It's the volve. I call her princess. If I understood it right all the volves are princesses, right? Sinces they are all potential queens.

Next up is Riot. Instead of drawing him like the drunk that he is I decided to draw him heroic. Mainly because to make him look like a hot hero with a bad boy twist is what's going to lure the female audience in. It's also going to make them see past the drunk and feel sympathatic with him as they get to see his true color.

Then next to Riot is 2EE, who just like Riot is holding a sword and is in battle position. This is to represent the last 'fight/battle' between them where 2EE came out as the winner.
The reason why they aren't running around with laserguns is that I don't find it as exciting as a medieval swordfight in a futuristic setting.

Next we have Atlas holding the codex. I made a few changes to the codex. I made it bigger simply because I think it looked cooler.
The light emerging from the codex is a carrierwave that transports the information from the sphere's memory to the user's mind, when the sphere is activated. The light transforms until a positive lock has been established, this happens when the frequency of the light matches the users brainwaves. Then the information exchange begins. The sphere 'download' the user's language and uploads any language the user wishes to know directly into the user's mind in an instance.
Instead of making Atlas bulky I made him slender and a little more feminine underneath the armor. This is to hint a little to the audience that Atlas may not be who everybody assume he/she is.

Left of Atlas is Norway holding a hostage, Riot's long lost sister. Even though this situation never really occurs, as far as I know, I imagen that this is the image Riot got in his head when Norway in the beginning of the series threatens to hunt down Riot's sister. Alternatively, this could be a possible scene from when Norway takes the ship hostage. By then everyone knows that Atlas is Riot's sister.
I made her hair red, really choppy and uneven because during long voyagers you have to cut your own hair. And there aren't always scissors around, so you would have to use a knife. To keep her hair in this fahion is also so that no one would find her attractive. This is also a result of her abusive upbringing. Alone with her father.
She has a scar above her right eyes, also a result of the years that Riot and the mother weren't around.
She is a bad ass. I imagen that when she came of age, she killed her father.

As you may notice I changed the appearence of Norway. I think Jazza drew him way too attractive to be a kind of 'going-mad-villian'. Since he has a scandinavian name I decided to make him more scandinavian looking. That's why I used my father's headshape as a model for this one. I gave Norway a larger forehead and higher hairline and really thick hair. He also trims his owns hair.
Norway has some sort of OCD and is clearly obsessed with Riot. Perhaps because Riot is the only one that has ever gotten away from him. The endless hunt is what eventually made him go mad.

Lastly, the character to Atlas's left is Alabama. The captain. She had to be in the poster because she, in the end, saves them all. And she's the captain of the ship. However, I had to exklude her glasses since they blocked her eye in this picture.

I hope you enjoyed this drawings which I spent hours making using the program GIMP 2 and a computer mouse.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I dont understand how anyone could do this with a mouse. that deserves five stars right there

AlexandraLundqwist responds:

Wow, thanks! It's not so difficult once you get the hang of it. It's only very time consuming! :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


AlexandraLundqwist responds:

OH Thank you very much! :)