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Apr 6, 2003 | 5:46 AM EDT

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I got bored, and started taking things apart. I took apart a camera, and I shocked myself. That sparked this idea.

Note: Don't use an expensive camera, use a cheap, disposable one. Fuji seems to work the best...

Sometimes the car inside isn't green... But just look for a circuit board-looking card... it is about 2" x 1", and has two metal prongs sticking out of it. Be sure to wrap it ENTIRELY in duct tape, except for the prongs.



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1. That's not a taser, that's a STUN GUN. A taser fires electrodes, and a stun gun shocks via contact.

2. You can't kill someone with this. It might sting a little, and they'll probably punch you in the face, but no death.

3. If you actually use this to hurt someone or cause harm to anything, you can be arrested for assault, battery, and possibly attempted murder (even though it can't kill, they don't know if you had the intention of killing.)

4. Not so great animation, try and make it smoother.

5. When you morons take apart your camera, be careful of not just the card, but also the flash, any wires going to or from the flash, anything that looks like a cylinder, and the battery. If you get hurt, don't cry about it, you're the one who took it apart!


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i can kill peapol with this hahahaha. but of course i cant destroy my camera.


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thanks for telling me

thanks for the taser im gonna taze me mortal enemy when i get back


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Great Advice

I know where my old disposable cameras are going :D