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Dream Eater

rated 3.47 / 5 stars
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Dec 30, 2016 | 11:09 PM EST

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First Dream 5 Points The infinite road.
Fifth Dream 10 Points The escape.
Fourth Dream 10 Points They.
Second Dream 10 Points The big mountain.
Third Dream 10 Points The graveyard.
100% Story 25 Points Get all the notes.
I can remember Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
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Game Finished Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Not Even Once Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Reveal the memories of Eddie Conner, an adolescent living alone in his rich parents' house. With his family murdered, the only way to discover the killer's identity is through his deepest dreams.


WARNING: Jumpscares, dark themes, probable photosensitive epilepsy, blood, and most important PERMADEATH (now it can be disabled)
- The game saves automatically after you open a door.
- If you're trapped, press P and then "Load", except in the wooden house.

The game is like it is. The repetitive mechanic is part of the same dreams. If you don't like it, it's okay.
If you ever find yourself in a loop with the shadow, you should go to the menu and then load... but I'd try waiting.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Premise: forgive me if I’ve done some errors, but English is not my first tongue and moreover I wrote a lot (sorry about that xD).

I noticed a consistent variance in other reviews's scores, very high or very low. I think that the gripes about run back and forth to take the pills are avoidable, it's not so time consuming and it has a meaning (maybe the pills taking scene duration should be reduced a bit, that’s fair), even people that complain about lights not working... I don't want to spoiler so much, but there's a meaning too, that was clear to me as I've been an oneironaut time ago, not to mention that a normal people wouldn't leave a picture of the graves of his family near the kitchen xD

On the other hand it's true that some glitches are real annoying, especially when the run command stops working suddenly and the shadow kill you. About the shadow, the problem is not the loop, that can be broken with some tricks and a bit of patience, what is really annoying is when it stops to follow you in a direction and appear at the spawning point in the direction you were running, because, if this situation happens, there cannot be a way to avoid it if you were too close at the spawning point.

Speaking of the loop, I suggest this solution, that works quite always for me: go at the door separating the 2 corridors, and while on the right side of the door wait until the shadow is really near to you, then use the interaction button and go to the other side; as soon as you are on the left wing you have to run quickly to the left and enter the door in the room with the switch (the shadow will be following you coming from right to left, so you’ve to reach the door before it); as soon as you enter you have to get out the room (unless you’ve not pressed the switch, because in this case you should first press the switch and then exit) and this time the shadow will appear on your right side so you have to run to the left, reaching the cabinet; as soon as you enter you’ve to get out the cabinet and, hopefully, the shadow’ll be disappeared (not for long), so you’ve to run to the right until reaching the door separating the 2 corridors; after you enter the right wing you must not run anymore, but sneak, until you reach the door of the room with the other switch and enter. Sure there’re other solution better than this one, but if you’ve not idea give it a try.

About the bug of the cabinet on the wooden house, I've discovered that it happens when you use the interaction button while not much close at the cabinet, but it never happened to me when using the interaction button while being at the center of it.

Moreover last stages can be more laggy than the first ones, but I noticed that pressing the interaction button while running reduces the lag, if this can be useful for other players.
Also I noticed that cleaning browser’s chace, cookies, etc., and restarting it, can eventually reduces the lag too.

For those who want to collect all notes, you’ve to know they’re 18. There’s a tricky one near the exit door of the wooden house.

For the author:
I don’t know if there’s a purpose for this, but I've found that in the last dream there're no limitation on both left and right sides of the map, so that you can walk for hours in a direction, needing as much time to take your character back on the screen.

I saw a scoreboard a week ago, but now it’s disappeared… why? It wasn’t a bad idea.

About jumpscares, that one with the mother... good job, I've had quite an infarct first time happened, with that piercing piano’s note.

When clicking on “credits”, the credit music (that I’ve particularly appreciated) overlaps with the one of the title screen. It’s quite funny but can give a headache. xD

On a bookshelf near the door separating the 2 corridors on the wooden house, there’s an action figure different from other that, someway, reminds me of Goku… am I right? xD

Conclusions: the game isn’t perfect, but it’s not impossible to complete (I took all medals after 2 days of tries). It’s highly suggested for people that appreciate pixel art, horror theme and especially dreamlike stuff (like me), that’s why, in my opinion, there’s a lot of variance between reviews’s scores. To other audiences I suggest to give it a try after disabling the permadeath by clicking on "extras" at the title screen. In general I suggest to set controls in the “options” menu, so to choose the keys’s configuration you find more suitable for you (for example, I prefer “Z” to run and “S” to move to left).

I hope I’ve not forgot anything important. Have fun. ;)

Cagmaster responds:

Thank you a lot for your review! You fully understood the game and I am so happy that you did and played it all.
Regarding bugs, didn't know the no-limitation dream lol that is odd, but it could happen.
I removed the scoreboard due to lag, and it's obvious, the scoreboard is being saved everytime and it wastes a lot of resources. (And some users could bug it too, idk how)
Goku hahaha, I tried to make some variation in the design, but didn't notice that

Thanks for playing!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The art, atmosphere, the "music" is great, it has a solid story, and it's quite spooky.

That's about all of the good.

On the other hand, the character is really slow, the "animations" (when taking pills, notes, ect.) are
really slow and annoying, in fact, the whole game play is just way too slow.
Also the "shadow" should be a bit slower then the player when running and when it "kills" you, maybe
the whole level/dream shouldn't reset.
Some of the bugs and glitches make the game unbeatable, or impossible to play at all.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Good idea, but poor execution.
- The graphics are pretty good! I love pixel art, and the creepy atmosphere is excellent!
- Good storyline!
The cons are too much. This game is, at times, unplayable.
- Sometimes, the "sneak" and "run" commands glitch, and the character starts walking normally. The problem is that he stops sneaking, so the shadow hears me, and sometimes he frantically switches between "running" and "walking", and when that happens I'm easy meal for the shadow, when he's chasing me.
- The so-called "loop" with the shadow is not thrilling, it's just annoying. Sometimes I make back-and-forth with the door between the corridors even for ten times, in hope the shadow finally gets tired and goes back to his business.
- the shadow spawn point: the shadow is supposed to spawn at a reasonable distance: not too far to be taken lightly, but not too near to prevent you from running away (to a closet or to the corridor's door). A lot of times, when doing the "back-and-forth" thing with the corridor's door, the shadow simply spawns between me and the door, killing me instantly.

For now, its glitches make this game pretty frustrating. Oh, and don't even consider a "Permadeath ON" playthrough: with the current glitches, it would be nearly impossible.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

An interesting and solid pixel style horror game. You don't always get to experience games like this, but this one I feel was really well done for the most part. The interface and controls are explained quite well, the tension building for the scary moments, with being alone in the house and all the messages was pretty well made and finally the jumpscares, although not as scary as the ones from the big 3D games, were still well timed. However I do feel like getting through the game is either too difficult or too confusing... I tried playing it and I kind of felt stuck on the same level over and over again. Maybe I was just missing something so I'm interested in seeing if someone can make a walkthrough out of this. Until then I have made a small let's play video of it right here: . Overall a good game, so keep it up


Rated 2 / 5 stars

If your idea of fun is sneaking back and forth between NOT ONE BUT TWO LONG AS HELL HALLWAYS, be my guest.

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