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rated 3.10 / 5 stars
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Sep 18, 2014 | 3:34 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Arrow keys = move/jump
S = attack
A = interact
P = Pause

This is my 2nd game ever and was started somewhere around August 16th, 2014, and was finished on September 17th, 2014. I made a similar project a few years ago but never finished. It had almost the exact same color scheme and basic art style. I decided to remake the project and this is the result. I am really happy with this game because it is exactly what I wanted to make. Please follow my twitter/tumblr for more updates.

Thanks to Crazy_Leen, HRES, Legiuc, and AGDG.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

As some have said before, the difficulty is the most annoying thing. I needed about 30 tries to get the boss down. The Only way is to kill all the Skeletons without being hit once, while being lucky that many of them drop orbs. In addition every time you die, you have to climb over that hill again, which also was annoying.

The Game was a bit short, and finding the crystal-part on the right side was too much of "run right and down" cause you didn't even have to kill the enemys on the way. Some sort of location-device and perhaps a bigger map (including map-screen) would've been nice.

Anyways, more enemys, more depth for the story and some Stage-bosses that aren't that hard to beat would (in my eyes) improve the game. Also: Why not make this a series?

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I have not yet finished the game, and with the slow pacing and lack of saving upon exit I don't think I am likely to finish the game. I do think that the game is good. As many people have mentioned beforehand, it reminds me of Endeavor in its story and gameplay. The music is nice and relaxing, if a bit repetitive, but that cannot be helped. The choice of color palette with respect to the plot and setting, how the sun crystal broke and all, is a smart choice. It does feel a little dull though; a nearly all black foreground with a simple night sky behind it isn't all that outstanding. The character movement is a bit sub-par. Our hero moves somewhat slowly for the scope of the map, and the ledge mechanic is poorly executed. While I do like the idea of our character catching the ledge and pulling himself up, he DOESN'T pull himself up. I'm not a pixel artist; I don't know how long it would take to make two extra sprites for such an animation. The fact that we have to press the jump button again instead of simply holding it down is incredibly annoying. The inclusion of combat is a questionable choice. I see no reason why it is needed other than as an obstacle to overcome, something rather redundant seeing as how in platforming games all things are obstacles to overcome. They also seem random and without reason, but perhaps I have not ventured far enough to learn of their reason. Then there was that bug I mentioned in my deleted review. I probably should've realized I wasn't supposed to be in that area when the ground lost its grass texture. Overall it is a good game, but I am not motivated enough to finish it. There is plenty of room for improvement.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

good concept. the game is there and runs nice but could use some more work. one thing that annoyed me was that every time i would jump and hang on a platform i would have to repress the directional button to continue or else jump in place. the only way to fight safely is to fight one guy at a time and to pay close attention to him; which is boring. remember noone is in any postition to tell you how your game is supposed to be, you are to create a unique game of your own individuality. it just needs more to it

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

I liked the color scheme and art in general, and I'm not opposed to the idea of random sprites dispensing cryptic observations and wisdom in a game. But, that said, I have to echo some of the criticisms of earlier commenters:

The world is pretty samey throughout. Although the fallen-bridge lands provide some thematic difference from the under-lands, there is pretty much no difference in enemies and terrain challenges. In a way it's nice that you keep coming back to life, because I died probably dozens of times. But it's also unfortunate that you'd need to keep coming back to life, because as far as I can tell, there are neither strategic maneuvering, nor character growth means to prevent dying due to random lucky hits by the enemies.

The pause after falling seemed an odd choice (unless it's a bug), since it had no effect on either health or game progress. Is it just to provide a moment of being stunned for enemies to take a whack at you?

The boss also had me perplexed. After various attempts at jumping and maneuvering around the featureless plane during a few lethal sessions of plasma-burst badminton, I ran out of ideas on how to even begin to make a scratch on him.

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VanDiest responds:

The boss fight was a homage to The Ocarina Of TIme zelda game. You are suppose to hit the energy ball back towards the boss and continue until he missed. Thanks for your review and for playing!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Honestly, it's kind of lame. The "combat" is pointless button-mashing. The exploration just barely kept me awake. The best strategy is to just run past the enemies...which is fine, but then when you fall too far the game "blinks" and makes you pause for a moment, which interrupts you. The game world is vaguely described, and it keeps talking about "You have to decide whether to bring back light or let the world slip into darkness!" and...why would I choose one or the other? What information do I have to base that decision on? In fact, what information do I have on this world AT ALL? What's GOING ON? It's meaningless jumping and sword-swinging. Just like how it says "Go west for your fate, east for your legacy"--Why would I pick one and not the other, and what do those things mean? Well, it turns out they don't mean anything. Anyway, I finally got to the boss, or something, I guess. First you have to fight more pointless baddies, which is impossible to do without losing a good portion of life. Then...well, since you can't attack the boss directly to get down his HUGE life bar, I figured you had to whack his attack back at him, but if you do that he just sends it back to you, so...I'm out of ideas. Oh well.

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VanDiest responds:

Thanks for playing. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as I'd like.
The whole point to vaguely describing everything was to keep the mysterious tone of the game and let your imagination fill in the blanks.
You are suppose to choose both your 'fate' and your 'legacy' aka the two gem pieces, not just one.
The boss fight was a homage to The Ocarina Of Time zelda game. You are suppose to continue to hit the energy ball back to the boss until he missed, which would take a big portion of the boss' health (4 hits to kill).
Also with the skeletons, You should try another strategy to fighting them. Are you constantly running around them and aggroing abunch? why not try standing still while attacking?