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Jul 28, 2014 | 10:46 PM EDT

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Click on monsters to kill them. Collect gold to hire and level up your team of heroes to defeat ever stronger monsters.

Purchase upgrades for your heroes to get more damage per second and earn as much gold as possible!

017c Patch Notes
- Various bug fixes

0.17b Patch Notes
- Happy Holidays!

0.17a Patch Notes
- Power Surge no longer messes up hero DPS percentage amounts
- DPS bonus from Achievements is now correctly calculated in the Stats Panel

0.17 Patch Notes

- A bunch of new heroes.
- Gilded Heroes are only awarded to heroes you have seen at least once.
- You can now press Shift+Click to gild a specific hero, by taking a gild away from a random other hero. Costs 80 hero souls.
- DPS bonus from achievements is now displayed in the stats panel.
- Your total number of dark rituals is now displayed in the stats panel.
- Heroes now show their percentage of your total DPS in their tooltips.
- Holiday food!

0.16 Patch Notes
- Fixed primal boss randomness from repeating after several ascensions.
- Fixed each ascension from giving an additional hero soul.
- New achievements.
- Spooky stuff!

0.15b Patch Notes
- Juggernaut now affects Click Damage in addition to DPS.

0.15 Patch Notes
- Added two new ancients: Iris and Juggernaut!
- Scaled up Hero Soul Cost for summoning the last few ancients.
- Thusia (+% treasure chest life) now only affects treasure chests when Golden Clicks is active.

0.14 Patch Notes
- Cid's click damage is now affected by Hero Souls.
- Cid's cost is now affected by Dogcog.
- Offline gold calculation has been tweaked to be more accurate.
- Fixed a bug that caused Bubos to give double his described effect.
- You can now hold control to quick de-gild a hero.
- Ancient rerolls are now guaranteed to give as many new ancients as possible.
- Added "Time played" to Stats panel.

0.13 Patch Notes

- Siyalatas and Libertas scale down from 25% to 15% as you level them up, by 1% every 10 levels.
- Numbers now display in scientific notation after Vigintillion.
- Added option to always use scientific notation.
- Added button to purchase all affordable hero upgrades on bottom of your hero list. Visible after you've ascended at least twice.
- Added more achievements.
- Added a level x25 hotkey for leveling heroes.
- Added quick level keys for ancients.

0.12d Patch Notes

- Solomon now gives +5% until 100%, and then scales down per level as you level him up.

0.12c Patch Notes

- DEV GIFT: +1 free ancient respecs. These will refund you 100% of your ancients cost.

- Solomon is now +1% of Primal Hero Souls per level.

0.12b Patch Notes

- DEV GIFT: +2 free ancient respecs. These will refund you 100% of your ancients cost.

- Siyalatas idle DPS was never meant for active play, so we made it kick in at 60 seconds. Your dps now reads correctly when it kicks in.

- Reduced cost of Vaagur, now takes 45 Hero Souls to cap.

0.12 Patch Notes

- Added 'Centurion Bosses' every 100 levels. Each one is guaranteed to provide ascension souls (like primal bosses).

- Added 'Ancients'. Ancients can be summoned from the Ancients tab if you have hero souls. Ancients are permanent (they survive Ascensions) and each Ancient provides a unique bonus to your game that you can upgrade by spending hero souls on it. There are 26 unique Ancients.

- Because these are now provided by the Ancients, we removed the cooldown and gold bonuses from having Hero Souls. For players who really liked their cooldown bonus, 'Vaagur, the Ancient of Impatience' will be available in the first set of ancients you receive.

- Importing saves will now calculate your offline gold.

- Lots of new achievements.

- Changed the 'Super Levelupper' achievement from 100,000 Hero Levels required down to 50,000 Hero Levels required.

- Achievements now show progress on mouse-over.

- You can now press 'a' to toggle progression mode.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Just a tip for people who might need this: once you level past 200 (and every 25 levels afterwards) the hero's dps multiplies by 4. That means you won't have to wait for days to get to death knight :S


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really addictive even though it is super simple LOL
Someone please help me quit this game!!!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great looking game. great idle game and crazy addictive. would give it a 5 star but it too me 61 days and 800 + hero souls to finally get past frostleaf and get dread knight.... but still playing daily.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Can't ascend anymore after the update...


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love this game, but my DPS seems to be totaled incorrectly. My entire DPS is 93,474O. Leon and The Masked Samurai were both Lvl 1000, and their total DPS together was roughly 150,000O (Estimating, as a login to NG causes the page to refresh with my gold spent but the levels gone. Another bug?) Is there a calculation error? Or some math I'm not understanding to determine total DPS?

A great time killer though. Great for my breaks at work (where I leave it running in the background).

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