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Jun 3, 2014 | 10:13 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 5, 2014

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Beat the 5th level 5 Points Beat the 5th level in the Story Mode
1,000 10 Points Hold 1,000 Triangles all at once
Beat the Boss 25 Points Beat the Boss in the last level
Beat all levels on Hard Mode 50 Points Beat all levels on Hard Mode
Collect 45 Large Triangles 50 Points Collect 45 of the 90 special Large Triangles in the game.
Upgrader 50 Points Upgrade the same item 10 or more times
All Items 100 Points Get at least one of every type of item
Collect all 90 Large Triangles 100 Points Collect all 90 Large Triangles

Author Comments

Last Legacy is a magic themed platformer game in which the protagonist has a special ability to morph blocks of ground into or out of existence. Our hero has to jump from dimension to dimension using wormholes to find his way back home again. Each level is packed with puzzles and enemies to overcome. There is also an upgrade-able equipment system so that you may become stronger as you progress from dimension to dimension.

This game also comes with a built in level designer that allows you create your own dimensions to challenge your friends with. You may also share your dimensions on the website in what is called the Level Portal. Contests are held every couple of months for the best levels.

The (default) basic controls are:
wasd - movement
left click - primary weapon + action
right click - secondary weapon
shift (hold) - enter into flux
e - open inventory
p/escape - pause
You can change the controls in the pause menu.

Edit 6/9/2014 (may take a day or two to apply, so look for "v.2014.6.9"):
+ Some bug fixes
+ Frozen tome is now obtainable (due to a glitch, it was replaced with another item)
+ Due to popular demand, the default jump button will now be up instead of space.

Please try out the level designer. It's certainly the biggest feature.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars 8 days ago

The "all items" medal doesn't work


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

What an amazing game!!! Sooo addicting specially when you play the levels on difficult. Make another one with more weapons & armor! weapons with extra cool effect bonuses. More Bosses!perhaps demons monsters! a giant! WOO!


Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

i love this game <3


Rated 4 / 5 stars July 28, 2014

Hello, and welcome to my "talk".

Ok. Now I have to tell you something about Runouw's dimensions. The first 5 look realistic
enough, but every single one from 6-15 looks fake. OK Newgrounds, not that I want to kill the
creator or hate this game, but this is a talk about his game! Anyway, so I must tell you about this.
Now, the sixth one says "electromagnetism", but that is a type of energy, not a dimension (as it
seems). The seventh one says "gravity", but gravity is only caused by the mass of the planet,
and the dip in the fabric of space and time, and the larger the object, the bigger the mass, but it
seems to actually slow down because the Sun is one million times larger than the Earth, but it's
gravity is only 28 times as much! Now, the eighth one says "ice", but ice can't be a dimension!!!
After all, it's only the solid state of water! Water can't be a sevenpointfifth (7.5th) dimension! And
now, the ninth one is heat, but it's just another type of energy! And the tenth one is strength, but
that is just a state of "how much weight you can lift" or "how much power you have of defeating a
certain being". That, well, now it sounds real nonsense, except if mankind really discovered those
dimensions! And now: the eleventh and thirteenth ones are curiosity and intellect, but curiosity is
only a feeling, and intellect is only what your brain does to learn or something! And the twelfth one
"exploration" is just something you do! Urgh! He must have made fake ones for just his game.

Now that's about 10 fake dimensions, even though I didn't explain the last two. And now I'll now
talk about something else.

The controls are WASDShiftPE but I prefer it as UpLeftDownRightSpacePShift. It was way better
in Last Legacy chapter 1, so I'm glad you made a controls changer.

I like the Lava theme best, and Twisted Polka runner-up. I don't know why it's blinking called
"Twisted Polka" because it's epic!!! Though, I don't know what polka is 100%. I like the Final Theme
in Third, but I prefer the old one in Chapter One as 2.5th. And now, you made a really good Level
Designer, but one thing I wouldn't rather by 45% is that levels save to the Clipboard even if you
didn't click it.

Here's something to do in the Level Designer! I proved this works!
1. Clear out all the tiles.
2. Trap the hero in Ground and Wall platforms, as tight as possible.
3. Set the length to 9999, but set the speed to whatever. Make it go rightwards.
4. Get invisible hitboxes and press Game>Play Sound and select one.
5. Get more and more and more...
6. Add more rhythm by putting sounds on top of each other.
7. Test it. The music must be perfect. The hint is, put the hitboxes all in the same Y scale and make
all of them next to each other perfectly. You can adjust the width of them though.
8. Just make music with Last Legacy: Null Space sounds!!!

I only have one more thing left to say...
Winning the final boss in Hardmode with no respawns is easier than finishing the 14th level in
Hardmode with no respawns!


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 5, 2014

I love all the details you put into your levels! I'm still looking for all the secrets, but its really engaging. You should keep making things as good as this!

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