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Sep 28, 2013 | 7:32 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place September 29, 2013

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Alien Hunter 5 Points Kill 8 Aliens
Kaboom! 5 Points Blow up 3 cars
9 Millimeter 10 Points Fully upgrade your pistol
Blastman 10 Points Fully upgrade your shotgun
Gas Mask Max 10 Points Fully upgrade your gas mask
Health Nut 10 Points Fully upgrade your health
Hero 10 Points Save 3 survivors
Pyro 10 Points Fully upgrade your flame thrower
Scare Crow 10 Points Kill 10 crows
Shhh! 10 Points Find 1 secret area
SMG Bursts 10 Points Fully upgrade your sub machine gun
Vandal 10 Points Shoot out 10 lights
Alienator 25 Points Kill 111 aliens
Biiig Badaboom! 25 Points Blow up 15 cars
Hobo! 25 Points Trash 54 trashcans
Savior 25 Points Save 11 survivors
18 50 Points Find all 18 secret areas
Murder Of 50 Points Kill 50 crows
Vampire 50 Points Shoot out 128 lights
Only The Start 100 Points Complete all chapters

Author Comments

An apocalyptic action shooter set in the midst of an alien invasion. Most humans and animals have already been wiped off the planet, the eco system has been altered to suit the needs of the aliens, and the air has been made unbreathable for most earth creatures, including humans. Few humans are still alive. They are scattered, hiding in underground shelters and their fight for survival is a hopeless one. Desperate needs call for desperate measures, which could bring even more destruction.
Your mission: Survival.

(You can change the controls for WASD in the options menu)

Arrow keys - Move / Aim
Spacebar - Interact / Throw Enemies
A - Shoot
S - Jump
S + S - Double Jump
R - Reload
Q- Switch weapons
E - Eat food rations
P or ESC - Pause and In-game Menu



Rated 5 / 5 stars 6 days ago

Played for 3 minutes,5 stars already.

This game is AWESOME.The story is awesome ,every single thing about this is awesome.
I really adore your work.From the first game Hobo I followed you.And i still will.

My question is - Is "Enter the flesh again" gonna be a free game?And will you make Earth taken 3?

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of the game and good luck with completing it :) It's really nice to know that you've been following me since Hobo! At the moment I don't have any plans to make a third Earth Taken, because I'm really busy with "Enter The Flesh Again" and it will still take a very long time before it's ready. A lot of people have asked for Earth Taken 3, so it's definitely something I'll consider, but it won't happen anytime soon, sorry :/

"Enter The Flesh Again" will be the biggest, most ambitious game I've ever made. I'm going to do my best to sell it for a small price. I'm going to try Steam's Greenlight system for that. I wish I could keep giving games away for free, but the amount of money I'm making from sponsorships is absolutely horrible nowadays. I need to pay my rent and buy food, and if I keep making free games like this I won't be able to support myself.

I still have to find a publisher/distributor and my plan is to put it on Steam Greenlight when I have enough content in the game to show it off. If enough people will vote YES on it, then it will get released on Steam, probably world-wide. There are other distributors as well, but if this game fails completely and nobody is interested in it, I'm going to try to sell the game on my own (for a small price) without the help of a publisher or distributor. If that fails, then I'll probably have to go live in a cardboard box on the street! :D

I will definitely release a free demo of the game online, The demo will be quite big. Just out of curiosity, do you think it would be unfair of me to ask people to pay a small price for the full game? Maybe something like 5 dollars? I have no idea how most people feel about something like this, especially the Newgrounds crowd.

Thanks again for the kind words and the 5 stars!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars 11 days ago

i dont know why but this game feels like a side scrolling metro.... anyway I do like the game but It makes me wanna play metro

SeethingSwarm responds:

This game was inspired by many things including Metro, Half Life 2, War Of The Worlds, Fallout, Contra, Metal Slug, Alien Hominid etc etc. Glad you liked the game! Is it a bad thing that it makes you want to play Metro? :P


Rated 5 / 5 stars 12 days ago

These two games are my favourite games from you so far. They seem like they need a full Console/Steam version. I would buy it, anyway.

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SeethingSwarm responds:

Oh wow thanks! Really glad you like these games :) I probably won't make a full console/Steam version of this series, but my goal is to do that with Enter The Flesh Again. I'm at least going to try to get it on Steam through the Greenlight system, but I'm also planning on releasing a big demo of it here on Newgrounds. I have no idea if I stand a chance, but I'm going to try my best!

Thanks for the 5 stars!


Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

I've not played through this fully but am enjoying it to 5 stars already.

The story is good and has depth, the artwork is good and I'm liking the graffiti in the background (the messages like don't trust the m(all seeing eye, triangle weirdo)n. Quite HL2eque.

Like the conflicting things the survivors are being told.

The background music is good and adds further ambiance to the situation.

I'm looking forward to playing the 2nd. Thank you for adding the link below in the reply below.

For all the rest it's at /portal/view/635562 (if I'm allowed to do that?)

Thanks very much author!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the nice review and I'm glad you like it so far. Good luck with completing the rest of the game and the sequel. Oh and yeah I'm pretty sure you're allowed to share the link here :) Thanks for the 5 stars!


Rated 5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

This game is a very, very good game. If it had better graphics and a extended story, it would be worth 5-15$ depending on how long it is. As a free game for anyone to play, this earns five stars, without a doubt. Without a shadow of the doubt, I agree that this game needs a sequel. This is not the perfect game, not by far, but it is a damn good free game. I would love for the creator to make a sequel, that is my answer to the question at the end of the game.

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SeethingSwarm responds:

I'm so glad you liked the game! I know it's not perfect. My coding skills, animating skills, story-telling skills, game design skills etc... they all still need a lot of work, but I'm slowly getting better and it's awesome that people actually like my creations. I've already made a sequel. I think I've improved a bit on the original especially with companions. You can play Earth Taken 2 here: