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Jun 18, 2013 | 9:51 PM EDT

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BRONZE SKULL 5 Points Kill 100 enemies
SILVER SKULL 10 Points Kill 250 enemies
GOLDEN SKULL 25 Points Kill 500 enemies
TRAPS MASTERY 25 Points Level traps maxed
WEAPONS MASTERY 25 Points Level weapons maxed
BOOK OF MAGIC SWORDS 50 Points Collect all spells
PAGE OF TRAPS 50 Points Collect 10 trap spells
PAGE OF WEAPONS 50 Points Collect 11 weapon spells
PLATINUM SKULL 50 Points Kill 1000 enemies
THE GOD SLAYER 50 Points Defeat The Dark Lord
ZERO TO HERO 100 Points Completed all side quests

Author Comments

When The Land of Valhala covered by the realm of darkness, undead rises from the grave and the villages in panic situation . There is one-man that always be a "hope" and "guradian" of the villages. It's GILGAMESH!!
Help Gilgamesh find 'The Sword Spells' to defeat The Dark Lord!!

'A & D buttons' - Movements
Tap 'A or D buttons' twice - Sidesteps (avoid enemy attack)
'W button' - Jump
Tap 'W button' twice - Double Jump
Hold 'W button' when near a ladder - Climb Up
Hold 'S button' when near a ladder - Climb Down
'Q button' - Swap to Weapon Spell
'Q button' twice - Change Weapon (when have another weapon spells)
'E button' - Swap to Trap Spell
'E button' twice - Change Trap (when have another trap spells)
'Click Left Mouse' - Confirm Attack
Hold 'Click Left Mouse' when in weapon spell - Charged Attack
'SPACE button' - Talk to NPC / Open The Chest / Open The Door
'P button' - Open Book to Rearrange Your Spells / Paused
'M button' - Mute / Unmute
'Red Arrow' sign - Main Quest
'Yellow Arrow' sign - Side Quest

*You can skip talking scene with "Space".



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ending is too short. The1 dialoges are bad... sometimes not logical. the quests are always the same destroy this destroy that... the boss is the easiest thing in the game once you have the fire spell, air attack spell and healing spell... i was just standing around.. too easy...

but still a nice game


Rated 5 / 5 stars

holy poop of s***


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good game ever Dude!!! :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This game is absolutely amazing, save for the SOMEONE SET UP US THE BOMB translation.
But the Engrish is so bad it's cute when combined with the art style, and this game is epic, so you win.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game was extremely easy. The hardest part of it was in the very begining before you get the elven sword. And once you get some of the later traps, *Spoiler alert* the healing sword-vengeance-meteor sword, you can literally stand in one place and never use q and beat anything that comes at you. It was mostly the healing sword that broke the game, what little strategy i may have employed before getting it was abolished after i got it.
The second hardest part was navigating the darnius or w/e temple. The air control seems low so you can hardly jump and slow yourself down to land on small platforms. Although with the double jump you can just zerg over a lot of it like the bridge in the mountain area.
The last "difficult" thing was getting hit by mobs standing on top of ladders you are climbing up or standing right at the entrance of zones when you come in, knocking you back into the last zone. You can kill mobs on top of ladders by hitting a/d, clicking left mouse with a ranged attack equipped, and hitting w to grab onto the ladder again. If you do it fast enough you wont lose any altitude.

So besides the difficulty, low air control, going to each zone 800 times, and getting hit by mobs while zoning or getting to the top of ladders, this was a good game. Reminds me of maple story only it wasn't so long that i lost interest. It was just the right length. well done.

You would have gotten more stars if there was a harder game difficulty.

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