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May 13, 2013 | 2:57 AM EDT
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Please note: This is a story game with 5 different endings and one bonus. For the most part, you will be reading... This game could be intense for emotionally sensitive individuals.

Summary: Kimiko Yui has been unable to leave her house for over ten years. When her daughter comes down with a mysterious mental illness that requires a chaperone at school, Kimiko finds herself more desperate than ever to conquer her agoraphobia once and for all.

- 5 different endings
- one bonus ending
- lots of choices
- robust soundtrack

Also, the online version does not have screen transitions and does not support full screen mode.

The premium download has the following features;

- full screen mode
- saved games remain after you clear your Internet history
- transitions between scenes
- higher quality audio and video
- supports indie developers!

Premium title is available here: http://www.visualnovelgam

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Absolutely fantastic! I've played on this site for a while and I'm fond of games like these. The only reason I rated it 4.5 stars was because of the fact that the endings are a little dark and none of them have an actual truly happy ending. I actually agree completely with the reason why you chose to end it on such dark notes, but I feel like there should be at least one good ending. I mean, yes, happy endings don't exactly exist in this world, but there should be at least one that ends up with no death/no hint at death. However, still, great game.

I love the music and my favorite was the cute, upbeat track in the scene where Kento's twin {sorry, I'm a bit flustered and I've forgotten his name} was cutting Kimiko's hair that later reappeared in other scenes that had a sort of positive vibe to them. The music consistently fit in with the particular situations the characters were in and they usually got me into the mood for the scenes, and none of the tracks were really overplayed as much as I've seen other games do. The art was amazing yet simple as well, and the dialogue and story overall was slightly slow paced for me, but it's probably because I'm a very impatient person and I get immersed in the plot so much sometimes that I often want to skip some of the parts and get to the juicy bits that affect the storyline overall, and it was a nice change from the fast paced, in-your-face games that barely give you enough time to breathe. There was a slightly creepy ambience to it but of course I think that was intended, and it was well done.

The characters were well and I especially liked the fact that you made the main character dislikable. Often in stories and games these days, creators/authors make the main character a bit of a Mary Sue and make them too likable with too perfect traits, and I found it interesting to finally play as a character that had a more selfish side to her with just the perfect touch of lack of sanity at times. I'm a little less enthusiastic about Kento but that opinion is biased, based on the fact that I thought Kento and Kimiko's relationship was going to work out well, and I was disappointed that it didn't, although I wasn't disappointed in him. Some people are complaining about Aya and saying she's a one-sided, too majorly flawed character, but I actually liked her as well. I have to say, I have had friends like that in the past and you definitely played off that particular character nicely. And I'd just like to point out that Aya did have some good traits that we're overlooked due to the fact that we perceived her from Kimiko's point of view. It takes a very loyal friend to put up with an agoraphobic that sometimes lashes out at others, and even if she was sometimes slightly less empathetic it was understandable, because she couldn't possibly understood what Kimiko was going through. I liked the therapist as well and felt a bit of empathy for her, but nothing too significant to comment on her character other than she was done well too. I think my favorite character was definitely Kento's twin, because he was cute and brought a nice uplifting, fun feel to the story that it had lacked before, and it was nice to take a breather from such a crazy, messed up life to spend a bit of fun with him, not to mention the fact that he helped Kimiko get through her agoraphobia. Again, some people have complained that he's a bit of a stereotypical gay but I loved it, and unlike other stories, where they introduce gays quite awkwardly, when Kento's twin came in, it wasn't really awkward at all.

Overall, great game that I will look forward to playing again. I've gotten Ending 2 and 3 {2 scared the crap out of me}, and then cheated a bit and followed the steps to Ending 5 because I was so desperate for a happy ending, or at least one that ended without death. I actually enjoyed Ending 5, maybe because it was a change from Ending 2 and 3 that ended quite darkly and in contrast made it seem happier, but I liked that at least Kimiko got to live, and it was incredibly sad when I imagined poor Kazumi pushed out into the street in a hospital gown, wandering around before getting arrested. My opinions towards the endings might be a little biased though, because I'm relatively new to slightly creepy games and I don't really enjoy them mostly because I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat, but this was one too good to pass up. Although I have to say, I did turn my audio off and turn the computer away from me when Ending 2 occured, but I actually liked that ending as well.

I haven't finished the whole game so I might make a few additional notes later, especially about the bonus ending which I'm looking forward to, but I think I need a little bit of a break after this, my poor little heart. Good game, and I will definitely be checking out more of yours ^^

Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you direct me towards a game similar to yours but that has a little more upbeat feel to it? If not, it's fine, I'm just wondering. Thanks! ^^

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redpandagames responds:

Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I am thrilled that you enjoyed it to such an extent.

There is Nowhere Safe 1. You may enjoy that and it's somewhat less depressing. I also have two games for PC. Curse of Slate Rock Manor is similar, but has a good ending. Host Holic has good and bad endings, but the focus is on immersing yourself in a culture, and making your OWN story.

Feel free to check out my site for lots of similar games


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm not done playing the game yet, but I just wanted to say so far it is really good. I can really relate to Kazumi, I went through/am still battling the same condition. :3

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! Sorry to hear about that. Feel free to PM me with anything private. When you're finished playing, I'd love to know what you thought.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Note: if any of you are depressed after playing this game, I highly suggest you read this.

Kimiko learns to control her fear before Kazumi's condition worsens and that in turn makes Kazumi realize that her perceptions of her world is incorrect. Kazumi questions herself and somewhat understands human nature. She feels more comfortable in front of others learning that everyone has their own battles to face and though she never truly feels empathy, she can at least grow up as a functioning adult without being so damn stabby. Because Kento was so loyal in this story, it would be the most logical for Kento to stay married to the now likeable Kimiko who enjoys spending time with her family outside of the house. Kimiko finds a new job and Kazumi eventually grows up into a slightly more empathetic person from all the constant care of professional psychologists and of her now psychologically sane parents. Aya ends up with a man in Australia and marries him there. She stays in Australia for the rest of her life occasionally visiting Kimiko during summer breaks from work. The psychologist ends up writing her book and becomes famous just like you said and Kento's brother ends up marrying a good man which makes Kento realize that he isn't his brother's boy toy anymore. The two reconcile, and meetings between them stop being so awkward. Years pass and Kimiko finds out that her daughter is dying from cancer. Kimiko and Kento visits her and realizes that their daughter is slightly more empathetic, but still not empathetic enough to survive in society. They pull the plug when the nurse tells them that saving her is hopeless knowing that it was the best ending for their troubled daughter. The player later finds out that Kimiko and Kento had another child years before, but they concealed her from Kazumi for her own safety. Their new daughter turns out looking very similarly to Kazumi, but is psychologically healthy. The new daughter grows up and adopts a sweet young boy with her husband because the new daughter is infertile . Kimiko and Kento retire from work and visits their daughter and Naoki often just for the heck of it. They end up traveling the world and visits Aya and her family often. They now have an active and healthy social life. Dr. Hamesaki ends up marrying an old, but still handsome bachelor and becomes loyal to him knowing that she isn't as young and as beautiful as she used to be. There are still ups and downs to life, but at least Kimiko and Kento live like normal people again.

I guess the main reason why I wrote this ending was because I know that people would be sad by the dark endings this game has by reading the comments. The world is not perfect, but it isn't so flawed nothing ever turns out right. I mean this to no offense to you or your story because I very much enjoyed the story and the game. I rated this 4.5 stars because of this reason. I would have enjoyed a good ending where things turn out okay because I personally think it adds a bit more realism to the story. There will be times things will be very bad, but there will also be times when things will turn out alright, just like in real life. Keep up the excellent work!

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redpandagames responds:

LOL! Thank you SO much for writing all of that. Whenever people ask for a happy ending, I always wonder what their idea of happy actually is, but now I know! :)

In the end, my intentions were to illustrate the life doesn't always work out, regardless of how hard you try. I really struggled with this because I knew it wasn't what people wanted. Also, stories without happy endings are necessary because if we only had media with happy endings, it would take all of the guessing and suspense out of the experience.

Again, thank you! At first, I thought that the review was an interpretation of the story, but I quickly realized what you intended.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh. My. God.

So I literally just played this after playing part one, and in my review of part one I said it was kind of predictable. However, part two was definitely not. I ended up with Ending #2 and I know for sure that after a small break I'm going to play the entire thing again.

And the story. Honestly, I don't want to say a lot and accidentally spoil something, but the story of this game really hits home to me. Definitely one of the better visual novels that I've played in a long time.

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redpandagames responds:

Thanks so much for playing both games and the five stars. Please share this game with your friends on facebook!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it was a great game, the artwork was amazing, the soundtrack was just phenomenal. the only thing i can really be upset about it the fact that the endings are all bad. ending number 2 sends a great message but it still does seem a little upsetting how she does grow to hate her own mother after showing such progress as said in the narration. i just wish that there was a happy ending. still, great game and i hope i can play more from you. :D

redpandagames responds:

Thanks so much! Did you get the Easter egg? It's not the happiest ending in the world, but it's something. If you complete all endings, it will show up automatically.