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Apr 20, 2013 | 1:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 22, 2013

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My biggest tip, is to pay attention to the feedback. If your guys are dying from archers, bring more archers to counter. Send someone ranged on every mission just to be safe. I think that is where most players are having trouble with mission success.

ATTENTION - A few players have reported FPS drops in this game on flash portals, but not on my homepage. If' you're experiencing lag, but want to try it on my home portal, go to LORESTROME.COM and try it. I haven't figured out yet why this is happening.

Also, don't quit the game while your men are on a quest, sometimes it freezes and I haven't fixed that yet. Make sure to let your men return from a quest before quitting.

This game is meant to take time to beat. You should not win it in one sitting! I hope that you don't. ^_^

There is a lot here, and you may not need it all to be victorious. The game is intended to be more about the experience rather than trying to win. So please guys, take your time, explore the game, try different things. It isn't a race to beat it, just try to have a good time getting your troops killed.

Thanks, if you find a bug, left me know and I will fix it, don't freak out and down vote and get mad. Relax, I'll get to it. Thanks in advance.

If you're having resource problems, be sure to read the quests and try to find one that gives you the resource you need, and try to always send ranged units with your melee units, especially in later missions. Some resources are very rare, and are primarily obtained from quests. There are items and characters to increase the odds of finding those resources.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars 12 days ago

I spent several hours playing this. There are some typos and I find it difficult to collect resources like wood and etc; but overall I enjoyed it a lot.


Rated 4 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

All around a pretty fun and interesting game. I never encountered any of the glitches I heard about, doesn't mean they're not there. Could have more interesting combat elements


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars 3 weeks ago

There's a really bad glitch in where I sometimes build things and the build doesn't happen, yet my resources get spent. In other words, I get ripped off. Waiting for resources to accummulate all over again is really annoying. You should fix this because the game isn't worth playing with this bad a glitch Sorry. Just half a start from me because of this issue.


Rated 5 / 5 stars March 12, 2014

Very very good gameplay, the art in buildings are also almost excellent and the leaders art is good enough, but what i have against the game IS THAT it lacks the "save" button, so that when people are gonna try do something fishy, they could always quit and load, also like what happened to mine, the pc shut down suddenly and the game restarted -_-, also like other games you should be able to save 3 times differently, also WHEN I QUIT THE GAME and come back and click load game, the quest is no more working and is ridiculous...btw i made 5 stars because i want people to see this and pass this on

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Rated 5 / 5 stars February 25, 2014

i am trying to play this game, but it's just turning out very poorly for me... maybe i am missing something, because everyone else seems to love it, and because it is likely something i am just not seeing, i can't let my own trouble playing the game lead me to giving a poor rating.

i'm sure a lot of work was put into this, but my problems with it are these...

my population never grows, at all.

i had 20 people, and it quickly just died out... i built hovels, a copper mine, had some woodcutters, a few conscripts as my "army"... that is it.

i tried my best, but every single building i need requires far too many resources that i have absolutely no access to, even from quests, and every mine seems to require the other mines to build, except the copper mine, which serves no purpose on its own.

speaking of quests, i can only go on two... the couple of difficulty 2 quests, because those are the only ones i can succeed at with the few weaklings i have.

i can't even succeed at the difficulty 4 quest.

it seems to completely screw me right from the start, i can't get any food sources, i can't make military buildings so i can get better men to go on better quests so i can actually get some things to help... it seems like everything requires something else which in turn requires the other thing i need to get the other thing, it's crazy.

like i said, maybe i am missing something, especially since others seem to play just fine... but i am literally seeing NO options for myself... also, just to add insult to injury, my town got a disease that slowed population growth... AFTER my entire town had already died out. :/

why does my population never grow? i would think nothing special needs to be built in order for people to know how to reproduce, i had hovels, they had privacy... i had enough space for 40 people, and yet it never grew by even one person, only lowered until i had nothing.

anyway, it looks and sounds like a fun game... but i, for the life of me, can NOT figure out how to even play it, the tutorial could've DEFINITELY been more in-depth instead of just pointing out a couple of things on the list, it would be nice if you had included an optional one that taught you how to raise population, and maybe even lead you through building a few things, just to get you started and teach you the basics.

i can understand a trial and error style of gameplay, but the thing is... i'm only getting the "error" part of that, and there is no "trial".

nice looking game, but it could definitely afford to be a bit more helpful with getting us started... i don't expect hand-holding, but it would've been nice to atleast be given some hands to work with.

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