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Apr 20, 2013 | 1:47 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 22, 2013

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My biggest tip, is to pay attention to the feedback. If your guys are dying from archers, bring more archers to counter. Send someone ranged on every mission just to be safe. I think that is where most players are having trouble with mission success.

ATTENTION - A few players have reported FPS drops in this game on flash portals, but not on my homepage. If' you're experiencing lag, but want to try it on my home portal, go to LORESTROME.COM and try it. I haven't figured out yet why this is happening.

Also, don't quit the game while your men are on a quest, sometimes it freezes and I haven't fixed that yet. Make sure to let your men return from a quest before quitting.

This game is meant to take time to beat. You should not win it in one sitting! I hope that you don't. ^_^

There is a lot here, and you may not need it all to be victorious. The game is intended to be more about the experience rather than trying to win. So please guys, take your time, explore the game, try different things. It isn't a race to beat it, just try to have a good time getting your troops killed.

Thanks, if you find a bug, left me know and I will fix it, don't freak out and down vote and get mad. Relax, I'll get to it. Thanks in advance.

If you're having resource problems, be sure to read the quests and try to find one that gives you the resource you need, and try to always send ranged units with your melee units, especially in later missions. Some resources are very rare, and are primarily obtained from quests. There are items and characters to increase the odds of finding those resources.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

to undead fighter (below) it happens to all of us
to deathur (below the...below?) if you read carfully the report it reads that your army have been defeated by knife-throwing bandits (so they are ranged units) in order to defeat them send ranged unit and it is best to send lannet or ern as the leader since they are both archers
don't rate a low rate for doing something wrong just ask first

did i say something right? DID I?!
oh by the way how the fuck did you 1000 fithlings?!!!! just saying


Rated 3 / 5 stars

A dragon pop out of now where and wrecked my city lol . Other than that it a pretty good game.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Can someone explain why i failed my difficulty 4 quest with 1000 fithlings?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's a really fun and time consuming game. It kind of has a strange learning curve as it can be really hard in the beginning to gather certain resources and you might not know what to build and it might take a while to get troops that are decent in a high enough abundance to be worth something when you send them on quests but around the later half of the game you end up beating every quest while earning a lot of resources with the ending quest not being as intimidating as you might have previously thought before you could send over 500 troops with a lot of items without losing a single troop. As time went on in the game I started to not send henchman on quests at all as I was getting more resources from turns then I was from sending them on quests. It was a really good experience to watch my city grow and grow and it always felt good to buy buildings and items that I once found really expensive.

There were times were I would send out an abundance of my strongest troops on a quest and I would fail because of a shortage of a certain type of troops even though I had more then a hundred of them on the quests. In the game I would highly suggest you research climbing items as climbing is in almost all of the quests and you'll lose quite a few of your troops just because they lost their footing. The description said there might be bugs in the game but other then the possible glitch I mentioned earlier I only experienced a small amount of lag for a short amount of time.

All in all it's an averagely entertaining game that you can play all day if you're bored. I only ever used the smithing option successfully twice because I never really felt like I needed to use it. It took my three days to beat this game even though it felt like it took longer. I give it a four because even though it's a good game the music got so annoying to the point where I would mute it and just listen to youtube videos in the background and because it got boring later on in the game to the point were the whole game just felt like a chore.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Got really far into it, the village was pretty much self-sufficient, I was hoping to build up for a moat.

Then my computer tried to restart but I didn't let it. So now the mouse is broken, and goes to wherever I click, but I can't see the computers mouse Icon.

I accidentaly New-Gamed.

lost everything.

This realy, Really, REALLLY needs a save slot system.