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Feb 21, 2013 | 2:39 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 22, 2013

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Your job, as part of an elite squad of heroes, is to execute missions to take out the bad guys and rescue hostages, leading up to a final confrontation with an evil scientist who knows all that strange and mystifying dangerous stuff like "chemistry" and "math". Use the [arrow] keys to move, [Z] to jump, and [X] to shoot. [S] will cycle through your special weapons like grenades, deployable ropes, and flashbangs, while [C] will use whichever is equipped. You'll need to use cover, cunning, and the advanced technique known as "spraying everything ahead of you with bullets" in order to save the day... as long as you don't fall and break your own neck in the process.



Rated 4 / 5 stars March 2, 2013

Lots of retro style fun, and I like the throw up a rope and climb anywhere ability. It's like contra with a sense of humor. I enjoy that the henchmen have lives that we end up destroying in this kinda pointless struggle...Would like to see a sequel!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars March 2, 2013

Entertaining, with pretty nice level design given the mechanics. Skydiving level is repetitive and pointless, however, and there's no excuse for the screen glitching out when an item count (most commonly nades) hits double digits.


Rated 2 / 5 stars March 1, 2013

That was... the worst thing.... I have ever experienced.
The game would have been a smash hit if it were not for THE DIFFICULTY AND BUG PROBLEMS!!! Along with a few other things.

The Low down:
1. Pretty good graphics
2. Bad Music
3. Awesome layouts
4. Alright game play
5. Abysmal Level Difficulty
6. Bugs up the ass, that were inserted by a giant horse cock.
7. Horrible Mechanics
8. Awesome humor
9. Alright Placement of Check points
10. Awesome Boss Fight

Here we go... :/

For a pixel game, this is really good! The designs for the characters were pretty good but the close up view for them in the little squares are, well ok. Anyway pretty good job on that.
Alright, ... what the fuck were you thinking? One song on an infinite loop?
You should know that this is a gaming SIN don't you?
Apart from that the song is alright.
I really liked the layout. Not too much to say here but I did have a problem with the textures on the boat. They were really confusing at points, the shading and color choice made you very uncomfortable with it's lack of uncertainty that you would either land or fall off the cliff of no return. Also, I HATED THE FREE FALLING LEVEL?!! THAT WAS FUCKIN FRUSTRATING!!!
I hated the placement of the controls. I had no problem with Z or X but I did with C. Why would you put something so important right next to the firing button?! THAT'S RETARDED!!! You should have had it------Z, X, V-----or A,S,F----that would have been a far better placement of controls.
this way, you wouldn't accidentally throw something that should not be thrown.
Did you ever notice how the easy difficulty was supposed to be easy?...Yeah. Me too...
WHAT THE FUCK?! SERIOUSLY!! EASY WAS LIKE HARD!! I don't know how many times I died just trying to do it the way you should! So then I said, fuck the way you should play and just do it your own way. Guess what? It went better.
The Bugs. Oh sweet mother of fucking GOD, all the bugs.
1) Saving Bug - Erases all saved data from previous saved game. SPONTANEOUS ERASING.
2) Ship Level - Sometimes the "Hostages: -Insert number-" Does NOT show up! If not at all if you die even ONCE. I reuploaded 3 times and it still happened. Not to mention the blond girl hostage just disappearing never to be seen again. Just dropped off the face of the earth she did. This must be a SUB-BUG (Look at Number 5 to get what I'm talking about)
3) Level Select Screen Bug - Yeah, makes noises and never shows up again.
4) Checkpoint bug - When you go through it, the screen will disappear and the only way to get it to come back on is to press the S button. This ALSO can happen when you die and start over FROM the checkpoint! Fuckin NUTS.
5) Screen Flickering/Rotation of Weapons bug - This bug appears with the checkpoint but and I'm pretty sure it is a catalyst from that bug! A SUB-BUG. When rotating weapons, the screen will flicker and you will be unable to access the exploding grenades. (not the flash ones)
GRAND TOTAL OF: 6 BUGS (Some "AWESOME" programming guys, "SUPERB" job.)

Really? Fall damage, FUCKIN DUMB! Have you NOT learned from Bubsy? This is yet, ANOTHER gaming sin. You don't put fall damage in games unless it is needed! Even when you do it, YOU SHOULDN'T FUCKIN DIE FROM IT! It should AT LEAST take away 2 of your vests! NOT DEATH! NO! I ask of you, beseech thee, WHY! Why do you not retain your health and items after you go to another level and why the fuck on the falling level do you only have 2 vests and no weapons? Retarded, yet again. TOO HARD!
Awesome humor, I caught the Easter egg of Pixel Mario and laughed!
Horrible placement of some checkpoints. Some were alright.
Awesome boss fight, spectacular!

No one might take this seriously due to "CAPITAL LETTERING" they're nothing but stress points to get my point across, which won't have any damned effect on these people since they don't fix their fuckin bugs, but that's just so you fellow NewGrounders know. Why am I raging, you might ask? LOOK.

This is my review. Would have been an awesome game if they didn't stop caring after level 1.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars March 1, 2013

Seems too easy. Also, the control scheme is incredibly awkward.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars March 1, 2013

Great game... simple, action packed and with incredible visual effects, please make a sequel in 3D. Kidding! I liked the game a lot Congratulations