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Feb 15, 2013 | 1:08 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 17, 2013

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Your village has been destroyed, can you rebuild your team and defeat your enemies to become the ultimate warrior?

Fight as 4 different classes, give orders, level up and unlock 30 hats, 30 weapons and 20 pieces of armor to change your stats and appearance in this 2D arena battle game!

Scouts: Light but quick; they are armed with a melee weapon and a pistol. The first on the scene and devastating in numbers.
Brutes: Powerful tank units; slow but very strong! They wield a melee weapon and fire shotguns.
Medic: Vital support units who can heal their team mates (with the attack button) and fire a rifle.
Mage: Mystical warriors who shoot fire balls and can 'blink' teleport by pressing the block button

Arrow keys: Move
A: Attack
S: Shoot
D: Block
Number keys: Issue order to team mate

*Rebind controls in the options and/or pause menu*



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game. I love the way you gaveit a serious story wth grown up elements and mechanics but found a way to make it causual and humurous. With games lie these i usualy like to customizmy charecter a lot but i didnt have a problem with the basic level of customization because the art was so damn good. The music was great, simple without being repedative. Guns felt kid of odd but i didnt notice them as adnormal till i thought of it which in short means that they were kinda awkward in this fantasy word but approprieit (spelled wrong). In truth that my only complaint, I feel that it would be easy to fix (making the guns look more supernatral, unless this is some kind of post-a world which then i would say makethe mages fire balls less supernatal an ive overthough this now) being that when mixing certain thing if you have more of one thing (the fantasy in this case) all aspects should reflect it. Im however NOT going to give you half a point less just cause of that. You should make a sequl for this (or at least something similar) Iwould love to see these charecters again (mabey not the gumdrop bears. they scare me) especialy if you founda way to make it run better. You could add so much to this (Art, countrys, game types, classes, custom classes, levels, vehicles (i guess something like a mech, you would get it after obtaining enough of something but it would have a limited use (colanception man)) and just magine if this was multiplayer.) Keep up the greatwork, your going far in this industry.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

...At the final ending thing after the final level, it froze. I refreshed, and I had to do the final level again. Though I probably won't rank this any lower because it's too amazing and it's probably my internet.

First of all, this is very addicting. I just played through the whole game non-stop and I want to see more of your games.

Second, the music is awesome and fits with every part of the game- I loved the epic sounds flowing into my ears.

Third, the gameplay is really fun and I can't really see many flash games this fun, I like these kind of games. Reminds me of Castle Crashers or Madness: Project Nexus.

Fourth, the story and world, I mean, yeah it isn't shake spear, but it's hilarious seeing what people usually imagine as cutesy teddy bears murdering eachother. I also found the foreign-sounding names and places funny, but if I said any more I'd be borderline racist.

Fifth, the artwork is tremendous. It looks so good and is the kind of cartoony high-quality art that I want to keep seeing. I think of castle crashers with this artwork, but it has its own unique qualities that fit perfectly in the cute/bloody world that was created.

Lastly, I can't begin to describe why this is a perfect flash game. It's so high-quality yet has a homey feeling. I'm in love with this game, and all aspects of it. I would definitely recommend this to all newgrounds users. 5/5 10/10

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

xD Cool game although you'll be really powerful if you go mage and then just add up the range damage, you'll deal DPS like CRAZY


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Running around as a bear killing other bears how can you go wrong 5/5 :3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

so cool man