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Super Adventure Pals

rated 4.40 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Other

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Aug 2, 2012 | 10:42 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged August 2, 2012
  • Daily Feature August 3, 2012
  • Weekly 2nd Place August 8, 2012

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2 COOL 4 SCHOOL 5 Points Complete the tutorial
BRAGGER 5 Points Get an overall a rating
FIRST BLOOD 5 Points Kill your first enemy
CHARITY CASE 10 Points Donate money to the snow man
COLD KILLER 10 Points Kill one hundred enemies
FAMILY MAN 10 Points Help the penguins start a family
LAW MAN 10 Points Redeem yourself to the sheriff
OUTLAW 10 Points Help Stabby break out of jail
TEARS OF JOY 10 Points Return the farmer's pig
BLOOD THIRSTY 25 Points Kill one thousand enemies
FISH AND CHIPS 25 Points Defeat the fish boss
RAINBOW RIDER 25 Points Defeat the jelly fish boss
RICH 25 Points Find one thousand coins
SPIDER MAN 25 Points Defeat the spider boss
WRINKLY GRAPES 25 Points return the old mans speedos
CHAMPION 50 Points Beat the final boss
SUPER ADVENTURER 50 Points Complete all levels
UNTOUCHABLE 50 Points Beat a level set without dieing
MILLIONAIRE 100 Points Find one million coins
LOVER MAN Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Super Adventure Pals is a loveable action RPG platformer in which you travel the land and battle monsters-a-plenty in an epic quest to track down the evil Mr B who has stolen your pet rock. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your good friend the Giraffe!

Level up along the way for new weapons and hat colours. Fight a wide range of enemies and defeat Mr B in a number of epic boss fights.

Interact with NPCs in towns and visit the shop to stock up on equipment and buy new abilities.

Important Note: To earn diamonds to use on shop items you need to replay levels.

P or Escape - Pause Menu
Q - Quality
M - Mute
Potions work automatically

You will get the choice at the beginning of a new game for either:
Arrow keys for Movement
WASD for abilities
WASD for Movement
Arrow keys for Abilities



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm giving u 3 stars for the beginning o f the game because whenever i go to the map, i immediantly go to ither that fucking B-Mart, or to Tree Vale. Please tell me f i'm doing something wrong, i really liked the beginning of the game and i liked how it was going.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

a LOOOT of bugs, i got orted to a the water in the map, cant get back onto the grass area, i jump next to a wall and im in outer space, i get hit by monsters and i go flying to the beginning or out of the map, i like the idea, but you should have put more time into finding these bugs and fixing them


Rated 5 / 5 stars

gente este jogo é muito bom


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I had a lot of fun, but there are a ton of faults.

First off, the level rankings are pointless. After the first one, there is no more point to trying for an A rank. I got A ranks on all the levels and was rewarded with absolutely nothing. Not to mention the rankings make very little sense. I can put virtually no effort into survival, die 10 times, some of them in very stupid ways, and still get rank 'A' for deaths; yet I can also blow through the level at top speeds and still not get 'A' rank speed. I literally never got less than a 'B' rank on anything except the time.

Next, the mechanics. Mostly it worked well, but I noticed some bugs (especially in later stages.) In stage 3-4-3 I got punched into a wall and my character froze up. I had to exit to the map, and I somehow lost a level when I did so. Also, when I replayed stage 3-3 the first time, the diamond didn't appear. I was just sort of stuck at the end there. Outside of bugs, I was really annoyed by the wall-jump mechanic. It was almost impossible to have it NOT happen, which was a problem for all those times I needed to fall quickly. I never even pushed left of right on the pads for the wall-jumping; it just kind of happened every time. It wasn't so bad, but the problem got more annoying because there wasn't really an animation for wall sliding. It still looked like the guy was standing there, just going slower.

The diamond system also seemed a bit superfluous. Yeah, there were some neat items for sale, but the fact that they didn't help to complete the game, and didn't come with any sort of medal failed to present any more reason to keep playing.

Also, the level design. Mostly it was pretty decent, but putting checkpoints in range of those stupid rocket hammers served no point but to annoy me. Some areas dropped off into death without any kind of warning, when they looked like they might lead someplace interesting. Otherwise, it was challenging in a good way.

About the enemies, the difficulty separation between foe and field was utterly ridiculous. I just kept accumulating potions and never once got killed via loss of hp, but with spikes and pits everywhere I died kind of a lot. Nowhere was the difference more pronounced than with the bosses. My first time against the fish boss, I just kind of stumbled everywhere. I didn't even notice the jump pads, got hit by literally everything, and just kind of swung my sword randomly. Yet I still won.

However, that is still preferable to the spider boss. I go through the whole game relying on care and skill only to be treated to a final boss like that. I just had to keep trying until I got the platforms to line up right. It wasn't even a platforming challenge, just waiting for the game to set up a course where it won't kill you for a minute.

The cutesy aesthetic, original levels, and decent controls and execution would make up for moronic mechanic decisions and stupid foes, but there were two big problems. First, the lag: I'm not sure I can blame you for this, but the controls sometimes seemed sluggish to respond, and the screen would just kind of inch along in certain areas. That's a big problem in a precision platforming game.

Lastly, the medals. I know there not an essential part of the game, but the implementation here was just terrible. You include a ranking system but not the beautifully common 'A rank on all levels' medal. You include diamonds and extra buyable stuff, but no medals for that. It seems like a lot of effort was put into trying to make RE-playing the levels seem rewarding, but somehow the most obvious reward just escaped you. Instead you gave us 'Millionaire.'

I actually went through and got A rank on all levels because I assumed that had to give me 1,000,000 coins or something, but no. Apparently for all the diamonds and rankings and good level design the only 100 pt. medal you saw fit to include is most easily earned by spending several hours redoing the same early, easy level just for the hell of it. So this game gets an award from me:

~Dumbest Possible Achievement Award~


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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great GAME!!!
I did find a really annoying bug... When i went back for level 1-1 for the diamond..

I got transported outside the map? :p Cant do anything now..