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Brofox Assault

rated 3.67 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

Credits & Info

Apr 12, 2012 | 4:12 PM EDT

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Author Comments

In this debut flash, Fox and his crew tackle the struggles of the lylat system. Friends are made, lost, and mutilated. Love is in the air, and wolf's a bit of a dick.

Enjoy :)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I thought this was pretty good, made me laugh. It seems like with the other reviews that becuase it isnt Egoraptor, they hate it. Ahhh little do they know that some of the best Awesome videos didnt always come from him. Kudos to you for making me laugh fine sir, I hope to see your art improve over time.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

While pretty much everything about this screams, âEUoeI can be egoraptor too,âEU you certainly wouldnâEUTMt be the first person to do that.

As far as the content goes, I have to say, I normally donâEUTMt touch fan-created Star Fox creations with a 10-foot pole, and when I do, I wish I hadnâEUTMt. I detest most peopleâEUTMs takes on it, especially when theyâEUTMre either meme-infested or go for the crappy joke concerning a large part of the audience who would call themselves fansâEU¦
With that in mind, I didnâEUTMt dislike this. It made me chuckle on multiple occasions and I can accuse the single usage of the barrel-roll meme, especially as its usage seemed quite ironic. I say seven based on pretty much being an egoraptor movie but not destroying the Star Fox world with the typical Star Fox world destroying bullshit.

I am not disgusted by the existence of this movie, and thatâEUTMs saying a lot considering my feelings on anything not officially Star Fox.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Like a young Egoraptor. Mediocre job!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Egoraptor style

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Brojack responds:

Glad you enjoyed it :) if that's what we're calling it these days....


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I can tell you've seen Egoraptor's work and I'm going to take a guess and say Sanity not Included (The 'singing' at the end just reminds me of a sketch they did with Mario). I enjoyed but maybe try to be a little more original in the future? Oh and I would change your drawing style otherwise your going to get a lot more people saying your ripping off Egoraptor.

But all in all, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

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Brojack responds:

Glad you enjoyed the piece. I'm alright with being criticized for being similar to egoraptor, as long as the rest of the flash isn't disregarded. And yes, the idea for the ending song did hit me after thinking of sanity not included, good catch :)
The piece is original however, as no existing material was used. The art also had to be kept simple, as I coudn't find my tablet. Thanks a lot though!