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Sep 27, 2011 | 10:52 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 28, 2011

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Play in Survivor mode for a more realistic experience where the need food and sleep will be added to your survival requirements. Or play in Run'n'Gun mode and blast your way to freedom.



Rated 4 / 5 stars October 9, 2011

I agree, somewhat, with theshadowcritic

The whole "chance" issue in searching through containers was always going to be there. It's the risk you take in scavenging. Do you risk the health and resources checking every single room when there A) might not be anything in there, and B) you could be setting yourself up to get a horde dropped on top of you in a very small room with no way out until you clear the bodies. I agree it's frustrating to fight your way through 20 zombies to find a gossip magazine or a bag of bolts, but I don't take away any points for it.

One thing that I notice is that the achievements actually provide in-game rewards in the form of XP. That's cool, a feature that I've seen in some flash games but not as much as I'd like for as many achievements that I see around here. And it makes sense, the achievements -- most of them anyway. After defending yourself from so many zombies you should become better overall because of it. The use of skill books is an interesting touch, somebody mentioned taking elements from Fallout but I don't mind that in an RPG-leveling environment that there are objects out there that can serve for a stat-boost.

I also agree that the variation in enemies kept things from feeling too repetitive. And the settings, while basic urban fare, retained a sense of dread while also a kind of sudden hopefulness. People were alive out there, you never knew where you'd find them. Usually in a safehouse, but maybe not. That was another thing about checking every door. I'd not have found Kelly if I just said screw it and passed by the grocery store in Glendale.

On that note, the companions... while their stats are identical, I feel that they seem to have this idea that they can't fire a gun at point-blank range. If I give you a shotgun, your operating range for that gun should not start at 7 feet away. Yes, I understand, a bunch of zombies dropped right on top of us. Don't just stand there -- help shove them away at least. The AI positioning and capacity to defend itself relied too much on where I was standing and moving, and what kind of weapon it got. I understand that your typical zombie has lost all instinct for self-preservation, but a living human should not behave in the same manner. There were also a couple times when the game glitched out on me, my character would not accept any inputs to move or attack. The game kept moving at its normal pace, and I could still open my menus -- the character just gave up it seemed. Not sure why, and I was able to keep from dying by opening a menu to pause the game, then saving/quitting/reloading. Still, I don't know what happened to cause it but twice in a few hours, without any other performance degradation of the game or my own computer, seems like a bit of an issue. Actually, maybe I just experienced the same kind of bug as whatever made the Companion AI choose to commit suicide by willful lack of self-defense.

As with the Shadowcritic, I agree that guns were too much of a hit-chance problem. A chance to miss is fine, but too high a chance and it's awkward. If you shoot at a crowd of people, you're going to hit somebody. And the bigger the gun, the more bullets it has and the more powerful the spread, and it becomes almost idiot-proof in close-quarters. Given that you can choose to be a trained soldier or police officer, they should not be missing this much considering that marksmanship training is a regular part of their activities. If they can't hit a zombie from two feet away, why even put guns in there? A better way to implement guns would be to increase the accuracy multiplier for the guns while greatly cutting down on the probability of finding ammo for the guns. The guns wouldn't seem overpowered if you only had a handful of bullets for each one at any given time.

The item descriptions were chuckleworthy at times, the references to other games were well done -- paying tribute to giants of their genres without being exploitative about it, and the story at least came together decently. I still kept playing, so I still give it a high score.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars September 27, 2011


i played that already in armor games but i am a bit dissapointed on that. i am so excited when The last stand release another part. so hard to play and sometimes zombies are too annoying.. and you will find the special guns when the game is nearly to end..


Rated 4 / 5 stars September 26, 2012

Game is alright, I preferred the first two, however. I only rated it four because it is a little two repetitive. You should do something to change it up. :)

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Rated 4 / 5 stars October 18, 2011

Da best

This is best adventure last stand Ever %u2666 %u2663 %u2665


Rated 4 / 5 stars September 29, 2011

Great game, been looking forward to it.

I've been into these games since part 1. Good job, just ignore everyone else with the picky "its too linear" excuses, this is good for what it is, everyone liked the other Last Stand games, and this one gives you more freedom than those!

Gameplay: I love all the class options, and gender options, its very deep, the game needs more customizable options to create your character though. A very generous selection of weapons to find and use, and to me its ALL about each tidbit of gameplay, I chose hard difficulty right from the get go, having to rest and eat just tunes up the survival for me, honestly this game wouldn't be as good without it, I'm glad there is an artist out there that still considers these important details.

The last few years, game sites like Newgrounds, and even game console companies alike have been producing hybrid games, such as, survival, action/adventure, shooter elements, and rpg elements all in one, I feel they are still in their baby stages right now, but still very fun, Iam welcome to this new breed of game, like this one right here, and I can only imagine how much more fun they will be in the future if people stick to them. Oh, and MMORPGs excluded, I'm talking about games besides those.

Sound: The music is great, these Last Stand games have always had strange music in different parts, but to me thats a good thing, what I like about this game, is that it has fitting music and some parts, and again in some parts that strange music that I always know and love.

I also like the shear terror it brings when you hear that metallic guitar riff, from zombies busting through the ceiling, or them running down the street chasing after you as a hungry mob at night, this music tells you to shape the heck up or get eaten, like HEADS UP THEY ARE COMING RUN! It keeps me on edge.

Environment: The environment is decent for this kind of game, it could be more gloomy and eerie but then again it does get gloomy at night, though not as much as desired.

I love the day and night cycles, this feature is always welcome to me, its cool to be outside at night, it feels creepier, and I feel a bit safer during the day, is this at all true and does it effect the gameplay like that? Anyway good job on giving me the right feeling I'm supposed to feel at day/night.

Similarities: You have taken elements from Dead Frontier, and Dead Island, with the free roam, and customizable weapon options. To be honest I don't care if you "steal" ideas from other people, in fact these days everyone is borrowing from other games, the important thing is for a game to give me a fresh welcoming, which this does, as long as that happens, then the game is good and I'm not worried about "borrowing ideas."

When people complain about the cliche, they should ask themselves, well if this game was too different, and changed too much, breaking away from anything and everything people have borrowed before, wouldn't there be a beckoning for the old stuff to come back? Lets not get ahead of ourselves, too much change can be bad too.

You've done a really good job, I'd like to see an even better game in the future, with more possibilities and freedom, thank you for making this world a funner place Con-Artists.

One last thing, something that pisses me off about this game so much..I would have given a perfect 10 if it weren't for this major problem, it PISSED me off so much I felt like throwing the computer monitor through a wall. Your character can get locked up, sure you can still go into inventory and use stuff like healing items, but you CANNOT WALK, CANNOT ATTACK, you are at mercy of the zombies, please fix this, and the fact I'm giving you an 8, despite the problem is quite generous. This problem happened at THE WORST times, happens when zombies attack, or they dropped a good amount of loot, and it happened when zombies downed my ally, I couldnt heal her. I have to click on a near doorway to exit the scene to fix the problem, if I'm not by a door, well I'm screwed I die.

8/10 Stars.

4/5 Vote Panel.

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

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